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Sign Language & ACC for Autism
40 double-sided communication boards and 240 picture cards using Picture Communication Symbols to help teach receptive and expressive skills. Allows students with autism or language delays to participate. Includes 72-page activity workbook, tokens, and spinner. Activities illustrate and present 20 popular children's stories. Storybooks not included. Grades PreK and Up.
44 double-sided communication boards (9 1/2" x 11") using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) to teach non-verbal students to communicate. 11 topic areas with 396 question cards targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Includes electronic spinner, game markers, game board, and foam bingo squares. Grades PreK-12.
Vinyl 3-ring communication book with four 8½" x 8½" Velcro┬« receptive pages.
All Ages.
6" x 8" vinyl 3-ring book with four Velcro pages (5⅜" x 7-1/8") and one Velcro sentence strip (2" x 6-3/4") for making sentences using picture exchange symbols. Colors vary.
Augmentative communication recorder. 45-message capacity, nine keys (1¾" x 2¼"), five recording levels. 8.5 minutes of total recording time (8-15 seconds per message). Device is 9" x 12" x 1⅛". All ages.
GoTalk® 9+ Lite Touch has 5x extra touch sensitivity and supports those with limited to no speech. Grades PreK and Up.
48 color illustrated laminated bingo boards, 24 boards total (8½" x 11"). 192 sign calling cards (2⅛" x 3⅝"), chips and storage tub. Instruction booklet. 2-6 players. All ages.
400 illustrated sign language cards to teach signs for numbers, the alphabet, family, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more. Includes tabs for dividing the cards, game ideas, and glossary. Storage tin. Grades PreK and Up.