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Gift cards
by Terry W.,  Dayton, Ohio
#gc – Gift Certificate
Such an easy way to shop for our department materials!

Great gift!
by Kem Weathersby,  Conway, AR
#GC – Gift Certificate
My son's speech therapist loved receiving this as a Christmas gift! She was excited about buying new materials.

SuperDuper is Amazing!
by Chariti S,  Knoxville, TN
#GC – Gift Certificate
As a company, Curlee Communication Consultants loves SuperDuper. We have MANY items in stock both in our offices and checked out to individual therapists to take with them during the day/school year. Your products make it easy and fun to help our children achieve success. We love giving our therapists great tools, like the products you offer, to use during their work day. Gift certificates are a way for us to reward our therapists and help them do their jobs well. Thanks for all you do for us!

Great gift!!
by Shelly N,  Lakeside, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
This is a quick and easy gift for any SLP or SDPA. He LOVED it!!

Gift Certificate
by Allison Romeo,  Staten Island, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
The certificate came quickly in mail and was east to print to give as gift

Great gift
by Heather,  Fresno, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I bought this as a gift for a graduate student who interned with me to prepare her for her first job. She loved it!!!!!

Perfect Intern Gift
by Shiloh Robinson,  Newport Beach, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I have had the pleasure of supervising hard working graduate student interns and I always give them a Super Duper gift certificate to help them get started with awesome materials for when they are on their own!

easy to use
by Melissa S.,  Newtown pa
#GC – Gift Certificate
The gift card option is great because you can order it online and it will be emailed to recipient without needing to print.

Gift Certificates
by Veronica W.,  Northern VA
#GC – Gift Certificate
This was a great gift to give to a graduate student I supervised when she graduated with her master's. I wanted to give her something she would be able to use in her practice, but was unsure of the population she would be assigned. Now I know she will have something she can use.

Great Gift for any Occasion
by Amy P.,  Greenville, KY
#GC – Gift Certificate
I purchased a gift certificate as a thank you gift for an SLPA/graduate student that had been helping me that had to move. She was so excited to receive it and could not wait to use it to pick out something to use with her future students!

Great purchase
by Mary D.,  Zebulon, GA
#GC – Gift Certificate
My electronic gift certificate arrived in my e-mail inbox within the same day that I purchased it. It was a gift for my co-worker, and it made her day to receive it. It was a simple process to purchase it, and I was pleased with speedy delivery.

by Christina K,  New York, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate

Best option for new SLPS
by Sue S,  Wilmington, DE
#GC – Gift Certificate
I just bought a gift certificate for my student teacher to thank her for a job well done. She will begin working in the field in Sept 2015. The gift certificate will be helpful because she does not yet know what resources will be readily available to her in her new position. She can use gift card to purchase whatever she needs. The gift card came beautifully wrapped with a personalized note and a catalog of products. It was really nice!

work holiday party gift exchcange
by Sarah H,  Sault Ste. Marie, MI
#GC – Gift Certificate
This was a perfect, easy present for my SLP co-workers at a holiday party gift exchange this year. You can't go wrong with Super Duper!

Excellent Gift of Thanks
by Kimberly Q.,  Appleton, WI
#GC – Gift Certificate
From one Speech and Language Therapist to another, this was a Super Duper way to say thanks! Now they can have fun picking out some new things for therapy! . . . maybe I can borrow them :-)

Great Product!
by Ben E,  Waco, TX
#GC – Gift Certificate
These gift certificates are excellent gifts!

$25 gift certificate
by Dawn N.,  Boulder CO
#GC – Gift Certificate
We used your gift certificates for our therapists in a contest. We ordered and sent several out. They are all very excited about using them.

Gift Certificate
by Christie L,  Union, KY
#GC – Gift Certificate
Easy to purchase and easy to print; would have liked for it to be available to print right away but understood that I had to wait a day

Perfect Gift (Certificate)
by Rita Purcell-Robertson,  Clifton, VA
#GC – Gift Certificate
My colleague just joined me in my school system, so I gave her a Super Duper gift card for her birthday. She was delighted and so excited to place her order. Perfect Gift!

#GC – Gift Certificate

The Perfect Present
by Paula G.,  Long Island, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
I didn't know what to give my student teacher to say thank you and good-bye when her internship was completed. A gift certificate that she can use for the field that she will be working in was absolutely perfect and useful in her future. Thank you!

Great Gift!!
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#GC – Gift Certificate
My student teacher was excellent and I wanted to give her something she would appreciate over time and get her started in her new career. The gift certificate was the way to go!!

Looking for a new grad gift?
by Becky A.,  Lawrence, KS
#GC – Gift Certificate
When trying to find a functional yet fun gift for my recent SLP intern, I stumbled upon the Super Duper giftcard option. It was perfect! The giftcard could be purchased for any amount and was even formatted as a certificate with personalized with a personal message. Such a perfect gift!

Gift Certificate
by Michelle C.,  Oklahoma
#GC – Gift Certificate
I gave a Super Duper gift certificate to a Clinical Fellow I had been mentoring when she received her CCC's. She was so excited. It was the perfect gift for the occasion and it allowed her to choose exactly what she wanted to use with her clients.

E gift card
by Michelle brawer,  Philadelphia
#GC – Gift Certificate
The e- cert was timely and the perfect gift for a SLP moving on to a new job!

Great as a gift
by Emily J,  Rainier, OR
#GC – Gift Certificate
I gave a SuperDuper Inc. gift card to a fellow SLP and she was able to finally order some of the products she has been wanting to get. She was very happy to receive a SuperDuper gift certificate!

Gift Certificate
by Brittney H.,  Kress, Texas
#GC – Gift Certificate
I love giving Super Duper gift cards through email because it is fast, easy, and allows the recipient to choose materials that they really need.

Gift card
by Wendy,  Ohio
#GC – Gift Certificate
Purchased for SLP Intern. It arrived at her in box when promised

SuperDuper Gift Card
by Danielle H,  Smithtown, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
I ordered a Super Duper gift card as a token of my appreciation for my school-based placement supervisor. During my time with her, she exposed me to the myriad of Super Duper products that are available and we had an instant bond sharing a love of all things Super Duper! This was a perfect gift since she can now order whatever she wants to continue building her collection. Even better...she got me one too! Great gift that allows the user to choose anything they want! Fast shipping and very easy to order online! Love Super Duper!!!

by Mindy T.,  Spokane, WA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I wanted to purchase a gift certificate for my graduate student clinician and this was extremely quick and easy. She loved it and is excited about getting some of her own materials!

Super Duper Gift Certificates
by Renee T.,  Baldwinsville, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
My go-to gift for graduate clinicians/student teachers. A great gift as they begin their careers and need to build their therapy stash! Super Duper is a wonderful resource for beginning clinicians.

Gift Certificate Review
by Gabi H.,  Anderson, SC
#GC – Gift Certificate
I am so glad Super Duper allows us to purchase gift certificates as this makes purchasing a gift for a colleague much easier so they can use the money to purchase something for their use. My only dissatisfaction is in the methods of obtaining the gift certificate. I didn't have the email address for my colleague and it was difficult to find her mailing address. It would be helpful if a gift certificate could be sent to the purchaser electronically. The purchaser could then print it and give it to the recipient.

by Dean,  Portland, OR
#GC – Gift Certificate
Easy gift for my daughter's SLP.

Great Feature
by Ashleigh S.,  Spokane, WA
#GC – Gift Certificate
Hello, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love being able to purchase a gift certificate through you website and the fact that it gets emailed directly to the recipient is just icing on the cake. Thank you for making it so user friendly. I just purchased a gift certificate for a graduate student clinician I was mentoring. She loved teh gift certificate. Thanks again Ashleigh Solak

Great gift!
by M.N.,  Cleveland, OH
#GC – Gift Certificate
So glad I could give my CFY a practical gift when she completed her year. This was very easy. Thanks!

gift certificate
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#GC – Gift Certificate
Great gift idea for fellow SLPs. I've bought a couple as going-away/good luck presents.

gift certificate
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I bought a couple of these gift certificates for coworkers who were moving to other districts. Ordering it online was easy, and it got to the recipients pretty quickly.

Give a certificate for completion of Certification
by Lori L.,  Richmond, VA
#GC – Gift Certificate
The last step to becoming a fully accredited Speech-language pathologist is completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year. As a supervisor of many CFY students, I have given a Super Duper Gift Certificate to each CFY student upon completion of their Certificate of Clinical Competence. It is the perfect way to get a new SLP started on a personal collection of speech materials and a great way to say congratulations!

Gift coupon
by K.J.,  Long Beach, Ca.
#GC – Gift Certificate
your gift coupon is a wonderful gift for the graduating SLP. They're easy to do and show up via email.

Gift Certificate
by Kelli H.,  San Diego, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I was very happy with the gift certificate that I ordered through Super Duper. It quickly came to my email and the certificate was appropriate for gift giving.

Gift Certificate
by Kristin H.,  Lafayette, IN
#GC – Gift Certificate
I love being able to buy and give gift certificates. They make the perfect gift for student volunteers and graduate students who are student teaching in the of speech-language pathology.

Perfect Present
by KayLynn N,  Dublin, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
A Super Duper Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for a collegue. I purchsed the gift and it was delivered as promised. I had it delivered by email and they included a cute certificate to print out. It made it all that much more special to have something in hand to give to her.

Gift Certificates
by Tamara Q.,  Los Angeles, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
I ordered three gift certificates online as gifts and they were delivered via e-mail quickly and printed out easily. I would definitely order through the website again.

Gift Certificate Purchases
by Linda T.,  Cutchogue, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
I purchased 2 gift certificates from your company for Christmas gifts. One I gave to my daughter, a special education teacher, who specializes in Autism. The other I gave to my neice who is going to college to become a speech pathologist. Both were extremely thrilled, & were anxious to order things for their students. The process of ordering them was easy, and I received them promptly in the mail. I am definitely likely to order again!

Gift Certificate
by Kim Leach,  Leicester, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
I always get a SD gift certificate for my student teacher...and they are always blessed! I remember having a very limited budget as a new clinician and my student teachers get so excited that they can start buying materials right away!! :) Thanks for your excellent products! Couldn't do my job without them!

The Perfect Gift
by Shannon S.,  Hawthorne, CA
#GC – Gift Certificate
How can you go wrong when giving a Super Duper gift certificate? You can't! I gave a gift certificate to a new SLP as a present for her graduation and she loved being able to choose new therapy materials.

Great gift!
by Shontai T.,  Houston, TX
#GC – Gift Certificate
I use the Super Duper gift certificates when I hire new SLPs and SLP Assistants. They are the best way to welcome a new employee and it gives them a head start with aquiring new material for our clients.

Gift Certificate
by Denise T.,  Tampa, FL
#GC – Gift Certificate
Got the certificate for a birthday present for a soon to be graduate of a Masters in Speech Therapy. She was absolutely thrilled. She's been browsing the store and saw so many things that she wanted/needed. She even took a picture of the certificate and posted it on Facebook so all her friends would be jealous. Couldn't have picked a better gift.

Gift Certificate
by Janette,  Ctr. Moriches, NY
#GC – Gift Certificate
This is a great gift idea for a teacher to share with them the wonderful products Super Duper Publications has to offer.