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Use Webber Oral-Motor Photo Cards with children who have feeding and swallowing difficulties, neurological deficits, developmental disorders, and sensory processing disorders. 75 Photo-Cards (50 basic and 25 advanced exercises) demonstrate exactly how to perform exercises for the Jaw, Lips, Cheeks, and Tongue. Boxed. Grades PreK to 8th.
52 illustrated cards (3" x 5") for improving oral-motor strength, coordination and sensation. Exercises for the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Instructions located at the bottom of each card. Game ideas cards. Storage tin. Grades PreK-2.
This 98-page, reproducible activity book includes exercises for tongue stimulation, tongue strengthening, tongue movement, lip strengthening and movement. Includes 45 full-color, sturdy, high-gloss, cut-out game cards as part of the "Can Do"® Oral-Motor Card Game. Grades PreK-2.
Ten illustrated 11" x 17" game boards (five double-sided, laminated boards) with different themes to teach oral-motor exercises for the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Cute animal stand-up game pieces, die, and instructions. Grades PreK-2.
Magnetic game board (14" x 18") with 33 illustrated tiles—15 oral-motor exercises (2 3/8" x 2 5/8") and 18 banana reinforcement tiles (2 1/2"). Also includes a monkey mirror (5 3/4" x 3 1/2"). 1-4 players. Game ideas and plastic tote. Grades PreK and Up.
1 red and 1 yellow washable, non-toxic, latex-free, and FDA approved chewy tubes. Yellow tube has a smaller stem size (9mm); red is slightly wider (12 mm) stem. Ages 10 months- Adult.
2 green, safe, washable, non-toxic, and latex-free knobby tubes with small, round textured bumps on the 12 mm stem to provide extra tactile input when placed in the mouth. Use to encourage biting and chewing. Grades PreK and up.
Latex-free NUK Massage Brushes (5" x 1/4"). 10-pack.
Latex-free NUK Massage Brushes (5" x 1/4"). 3-pack.
10 small, plastic, narrow, shallow-bowl spoon (6" long) for working with children with problems such as poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity, or tongue thrust. Grades PreK and up.
Sensory Dippers are innovative oral sensory tools that help young ones develop acceptance to tastes. Sensory Dipper set includes one red Sensory Dipper (2¼" x 3") and one yellow Mini Sensory Dipper (2½" x 2⅞")
Flexible plastic cups with a cutout design promote drinking without neck extension. Three sizes (1 oz. is pink; 2 oz. is blue; 7 oz. is green). All ages.
Two-in-one oral-motor tool to gradually increase oral stimulation. Probe tip (7/8") has a bumpy texture and Preefer tip (7/8") has a smooth texture, the fine tip is 1 5/8" tapering to 1/8". Professional use only. AAAA battery included.
Z-Vibe and 5 tip attachments (probe, preefer, mini probe, soft spoon, and hard spoon) for Z-Vibe. Professional use only. Travel case.