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44 double-sided communication boards (9 1/2" x 11") using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) to teach non-verbal students to communicate. 11 topic areas with 396 question cards targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Includes electronic spinner, game markers, game board, and foam bingo squares. Grades PreK-12.
56 illustrated question cards (2½" x 3½") to encourage children to talk about themselves. Includes basic questions and open-ended questions. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades PreK-5.
56 cards help children discuss and/or write about their feelings in different types of situations. Each card has a colorful illustration with a How Would You Feel If... question. Content/Game Ideas Cards. Tin box. Grades K-3.
Colorful, foldable game board (18" x 18") and 390 School Situation Cards for teaching and reinforcing important school-related social skills. 400 different social situations, 144 laminated cardboard school tokens, six token strips, 6-color die, and six laminated cardboard school characters. For 2-6 players. Grades K-8.
Colorful, foldable game board (18" x 18") and 390 Community Situation Cards for teaching and reinforcing important community-related social skills. 390 different social situations; 144 laminated, cardboard community tokens; six token strips; six-color die; and six laminated, cardboard community characters. For 2-6 players. Grades K-8.
24 color-coded game playing surfaces (12 boards) to improve social skills. Includes 68-page, reproducible activity booklet with target questions. 48 foam squares. 1-4 players. Storage box. Grades PreK and Up.
Revised social skills board game. 264 cards to teach 12 social skills: listening, voice, conversations, following rules, sharing/taking turns, eye contact, hygiene, body language, facial expressions, ignoring, time/place, and manners. Players go to a pizza party, answer questions, and earn "party food." Electronic spinner, 12 invitations, pawns, and "foods." Grades PreK-4.
56 cards illustrate stressful situations. Discuss safety, emotions, and different ways of acting in response. Improve reasoning, inferencing, sequencing, and memory skills. Game ideas. Content cards. Grades PreK–Up.
28 pairs (56 cards) of photo cards teach emotions. Content/Game ideas cards.
Tin box. All Ages.
213-page illustrated, reproducible book. Pages fold into 204 4-page mini-storybooks. Social stories with school, home, and community topics. Grades PreK-4.
60-page illustrated reproducible for children who need practice identifying, and use appropriate behavior in school. Grades K-2.
64-page illustrated reproducible workbook to help students use appropriate daily living skills and emotions. 60 scenes with follow-up questions additional learning activities. Grades K-6.
64-page illustrated reproducible social scenes book to target appropriate social behavior in the home, school, and community. Grades K-4.
Magnetic game board (14" x 18") with 18 illustrated tiles—6 "feelings scenes" (3 ½" x 3 ½") and 12 "feelings" tiles (2 3/8" x 2 5/8"). 1-4 players. Game ideas and plastic tote. Grades PreK and up.
56 illustrated cards teach problem-solving, cause/effect, social skills at home. Content/Game Idea cards. Metal tin. Grades K-2. Cards (2 1/2" x 3 1/2")
56 illustrated cards (2½" x 3½") teach problem-solving, cause/effect, social skills at school. Content/game idea cards. Grades K-2.
56 illustrated question cards prompt children to discuss reactions when faced with different situations in the community. Content/game idea cards. Metal tin. Grades K-3. Cards 2½" x 3½".
This 63-card illustrated deck contains social stories divided into three social skills sections to help students improve inference-making skills. Students use the included Secret Decoder to self-check answers. Content/Game ideas cards. Sturdy box. Grades 2-8.
264 photo cards (3" x 4") to teach emotions. Includes four handheld mirrors. Content cards in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Storage tin. Ages 3 and Up.
Social City is a fun interactive board game that allows players to practice problem-solving, critical thinking, and flexibility as they learn to identify the size of a problem and how to match their reaction to a problem to the size of the problem (emotional regulation). 2-5 Players.