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Parent Resources for Grades 3-5
This 63-card illustrated deck contains social stories divided into three social skills sections to help students improve inference-making skills. Students use the included Secret Decoder to self-check answers. Content/Game ideas cards. Sturdy box. Grades 2-8.
120 story cards to help students identify the main idea in a paragraph. Level One cards are 3-4 sentences long. Level Two cards are 5-7 sentences long. Students use the secret decoder to self-check answers. Content/Game ideas cards. box box. Grades 3-8.
This 204-card (4" x 6") word family-filled super deck will help students improve phonics, vocabulary, spelling, reading, and writing skills. Teaches 75 different word families (5 words per card). Students can create their own words and read silly sentences. Content/Game ideas cards. Storage box. Grades K-3.
100 cards feature engaging short stories divided into three levels of difficulty. Check answers to comprehension questions with secret decoder. Content/Game ideas cards. Box. Grades 2-8.
56 illustrated cards teach parts of speech and sentence structure while improving inferencing and reasoning skills. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions. Content cards. Game ideas. Grades 1–6.
56 illustrated cards teach children to formulate simple, compound, and complex sentences. Content cards and game ideas. Storage tin. Cards 3¼" x 4¼". Grades 2 and up.
56 short-story cards help improve students' ability to predict by choosing what will happen next in each story. Students use the Super Duper Secret Decoder to self-check answers. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades 1-8.
56 story cards help students practice reading comprehension and summarizing skills by choosing an appropriate title for a short story. Students use the included secret decoder to self-check answer. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades 3-8.
56 illustrated match-up cards to teach vocabulary, verbal reasoning, basic concepts, categories, opposites, function, and similarities and differences. Grades 1-6. Content/Game Ideas Cards. Tin box. 3" x 5"
100 photo cards teach 100 irregular verbs in Sentences in 7 tenses: simple present, present progressive, present perfect, simple past, past progressive, past perfect, simple future. Presented in context within sentences. Photographs. Game ideas and tabbed dividers. 4" x 6". Grades 2–8.
100 illustrated cards for teaching figurative language depict concrete definition of animal idioms and sentences using idioms correctly. Students figure out what idioms really mean and use secret decoder to check answers. Includes batteries. Content cards. Game ideas. Storage tin. Cards 3" x 5". Grades 1-8.
120 story cards (3" x 4") in two levels assist students with determining the meaning of words or providing a missing word using context clues. Students use the Super Duper Secret Decoder to self-check answers. Content/game ideas cards. Grades 3 and Up. Boxed.
125 cards teach 85 homophones. Level one cards teach words with definition, example sentence, illustration. Level two cards test students with fill-in-the-blank sentences. Content cards, game ideas, answer key. Grades 2 and up.
56-card set to teach phrases whose meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definition. 28 pairs allow students to match idiom with its real meaning. Content/Game ideas cards. Storage tin. Grades K-3.