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Parent Resources for Middle/High School
320-page illustrated, reproducible companion book to the 500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems Fun Deck. Worksheets teach meanings of common word parts to improve vocabulary. Grades 4 and Up.
56-card deck helps students practice their knowledge of figurative language by choosing a sentence that means the same as the simile or metaphor. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades 2 and up.
208 pg reproducible to teach figurative language multiple meanings, metaphors, similies, idioms, proverbs, jokes, riddles, cliches, slang. Grades 4 and Up.
Our 500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems Super Fun Deck and Fun Sheets Combo provides 1000 vocabulary words and practice activities to help students understand and use these important word parts. Includes 500 vocabulary word cards (boxed) and a 328-page spiral-bound, reproducible workbook. Grades 4 and Up.
56 story cards help students practice reading comprehension and summarizing skills by choosing an appropriate title for a short story. Students use the included secret decoder to self-check answer. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades 3-8.
100 cards feature engaging short stories divided into three levels of difficulty. Check answers to comprehension questions with secret decoder. Content/Game ideas cards. Box. Grades 2-8.
This 60 illustrated cards (3" x 5") contain two levels of stories to help students improve listening, reading comprehension, and story retail skills. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades 1-6.
207-pg illustrated, reproducible book with multiple meaning words, idioms, proverbs, indirect and direct polite requests, polite evasions, irony, and sarcasm. Grades 4 and Up.
12" x 48" interactive chart with 10 color-coded pockets to give students a step-by-step, visual method for remembering details and summarizing information. While telling a story, place symbols on the chart. Grades PreK-8.