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Parent Resources for Special Needs
40 double-sided communication boards and 240 picture cards using Picture Communication Symbols to help teach receptive and expressive skills. Allows students with autism or language delays to participate. Includes 72-page activity workbook, tokens, and spinner. Activities illustrate and present 20 popular children's stories. Storybooks not included. Grades PreK and Up.
44 double-sided communication boards (9 1/2" x 11") using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) to teach non-verbal students to communicate. 11 topic areas with 396 question cards targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Includes electronic spinner, game markers, game board, and foam bingo squares. Grades PreK-12.
A convenient and cute way for students to carry and use their communication symbols. 11" x 6" colorful purse includes a detachable shoulder strap and stickers. Grades K and up.
Children's book to help parents and teachers explain autism to a young child. The Resource Guide includes a definition of autism and practical strategies for coping at home and at school. Grades PreK-3.
36" x 6" soft, weighted neck wrap provides deep pressure touch while helping students self-regulate. 2 lbs. Wrap is filled with safe plastic pellets. Ages 4 and up.
Super Duper 600 BIG (5" x 7") full-color, double-sided, laminated photo cards to teach nouns in 14 categories. Photo on front side - Definition, three Fun Facts, three questions on back side. Instruction booklet with vocabulary lesson ideas. Grades PreK and up.
2 small 2" x 6¾" velcro sentence strips for use with small Webber Communication Books.
All Ages.
Magnetic Mitt for storytelling and interactive games. Magnetic-receptive on both sides. Child size. All ages.
Augmentative communication recorder. 45-message capacity, nine keys (1¾" x 2¼"), five recording levels. 8.5 minutes of total recording time (8-15 seconds per message). Device is 9" x 12" x 1⅛". All ages.
GoTalkĀ® 9+ Lite Touch has 5x extra touch sensitivity and supports those with limited to no speech. Grades PreK and Up.
4 lightweight foam (3 x 3" x 3") cubes with a generous whiteboard writing surface on every side. Use Cool Cubes to create fun activities in all subject areas. All Ages. Includes wet-erase marker, suggestion sheet, and storage bag.
Large Magnetic Write-On Wipe-Off die is 44¾" and features a metal dry erase surface on all six sides.
240, full-color photo cards (5" x 7") with uncluttered backgrounds will help children comprehend, respond to, and ask eight forms of questions. Includes strategies and cues on the back of each card. 8 Instructor cards. Boxed. Grades PreK-6. Ages 4-12.
Help your students learn to ask socially appropriate questions! This photo set has 240 large, uncluttered photos with a cuing hierarchy of question-asking language prompts on the back, plus many opportunities for repetition. Photo cards are 5" x 7". Boxed. Grades PreK and Up. Ages 3 and Up.
240, full-color photo cards of people in everyday situations and a three-level cueing hierarchy on the back of each photo helps you phrase the stimuli needed to get desired responses. Photos and questions target regular past tense, irregular past tense, future tense, and present tense + infinitive verb tense. Includes 8 Instructor Cards. Grades PreK-6. Ages 4 -12.