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Reading Gym in 75 Seconds

     Reading Gym is a multi-sensory phonics program for learning the alphabet, short vowels, and the b/d sounds.

     Developed and refined over the past 15 years by speech-language pathologist Marsha Grantham and her sister, gymnastics specialist Mary June Grantham, Reading Gym has games and activities that combine movement with sound/symbol recognition and writing/printing.

     These materials have successfully improved the reading skills of over 6,000 children.
  • Pre + post tests
  • Tracing activities
  • Writing/printing activities (Easy and Hard)
  • Magnetic bingo games
  • Magnetic puzzle games
  • Rapid letter sound repetition activity
  • Yoga
  • Bean bag toss (bean bags are not included)
The complete kit includes three (3) yoga mats that combine yoga poses, hopscotch and more.

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