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  1. To activate your Secret Decoder you must remove the isolator strip between the batteries. Using your thumbnail, pull open the battery compartment and remove the orange strip. Push the battery compartment back into the decoder.
  2. To turn the light on, gently press the button just above the Super Duper logo with your thumb.
  3. To keep the light on without pressing, move the on/off switch forward. To turn off, move the switch backward.
  4. The decoder uses an ultraviolet LED light (UV light). Avoid shining the UV light directly into eyes or looking directly at the light source.
  5. To replace the batteries, use your thumbnail to pull open the battery compartment. Insert new batteries with both plus (+) signs facing up. Push the battery compartment back into the decoder. The decoder uses two (2) 3-volt coin cell batteries (CR-2016). Click here to order replacement batteries (item #BAT-05; set of 2).