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Animal Buddies®

Open-Ended Motivational Box with Tokens

by Janet Sinyard and Cindy Dilmore - Grades PreK-5

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Very Motivating!!
by Lil'Jud,  Dallas, Texas
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
My students love working for the food to feed the animals!! I can use it for so many skills! Articulation, language, pragmatics, and more!!

A Must-Have
by Rhea C.,  Saskatoon, SK
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I love this motivational game and is a staple in my tool kit because there are so many different ways to use it.

Animal Buddies
by Tara,  Canada
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I use this as a therapy tool with my kindergarten students. It's easy to assemble and there are LOTS of pieces so you can get many trials in without having to re-set up. The only thing I noticed is that when I set up the box the bottom flaps don't stay down very well.

Animal Buddies is Awesome
by Julie H,  Albert Lea, MN
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I love this product. I recently left a position and had to leave this toy at my previous clinic. However, I ordered one of my own because it is such a great toy to use with children of all ages. I use it for following directions, play (animals and food), wh questions, y/n questions, descriptions and requesting. Its listed motivation in the title but is so much more that just that. Try it!! Be creative!! Such a great product to have in any setting (outpatient, school, early on)

motivates children
by Kerry I,  Oconomowoc, WI
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
My pre school children love this activity! I'm hearing a lot of language when asking for the food and naming animals! We also get a lot of artic practice in while feeding the animals!

Fun and Versatile!
by Kerri S.,  Hanwell, NB
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This very simple snack feeding toy is great for all kinds of reinforcement and can be incorporated into specific speech and language goals as well. Excellent purchase!

Great quality!
by Kate S.,  Allen, TX
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I was really impressed with the strength of the material used to make the box and "food". It's similar to a thick laminated plastic that can't be torn. I was disappointed by the storage option suggested in the packaging; if you store the pieces at the bottom of the box, they fall through the slits at the bottom and could get lost. I solved the problem easily by just keeping the pieces in a plastic bag. Overall, a fun reward system to keep students engaged.

Animal Buddies
by Cynthia Rubino,  Coram, NY
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This game is so versatile. I use it for articulation. Wh questions and to reinforce successful attempts. My students love feeding the different animals.

Motivational Tool
by Kate S.,  Kalamazoo, MI
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Animal Buddies is a very motivating tool to use during therapy with kids. We have created many games and stories up about the animals. It was worth purchasing.

Animal buddies - excellent product
by Katie M.,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Animal Buddies has the potential to target several expressive language goals for babies and toddlers. I work with 'late talkers' and the food can be used as 'communication temptations' for these children. They are required to verbalize in order to request, whether it be a meaningless sound, bilabial, syllable or word - i.e. 'b' for 'banana'. This product can also teach turn-taking and other 'pre-linguistic' skills which are foundational for building communication skills. For the older children, you can target asking/answering questions and commenting - i.e. 'Can I have a ____, please?' or 'What does an elephant eat?' Kids find every aspect of this game exciting. The box is very well laminated, so I expect it to last the wear and tear for years to come. Well worth the price! Thanks, Super Duper!

Great motivational game!
by Dominique P.,  Qu├ębec, QC
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This game works well with any language task! Fun for preschool aged children!

Feed the Animals
by Deborah M.,  Columbus, GA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I'm not quite sure why this activity is so popular, but Animal Buddies has been a hit with my students. Even the older students get a kick out of it. It is very motivational and easy to do.

A must!
by Kayla K,  Evansville, IN
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
These are a must-have material for anyone working with speech and language! I love these and my kids are so motivated by them! Thanks superduper for your amazing products!

Highly motivating
by Sarah B.,  Mesa, Az
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
One of my colleagues has this and let me use it with my clients. I loved it so much I had to buy my own. This is a great reinforcer as well as a great tool for expressive receptive language activities. I use it for yes/no, following directions and vocabulary.

Great tool for motivating at home!
by Jerinda K.,  Southwest Missouri
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Even though this says it is a therapy tool, I have found it to be most helpful in my homeschool as well. I use this by allowing each of my children to place a "token" into the vinyl box each time they complete a task, assignment, chore, etc. without complaint and on time. Once they have used up a specified amount of the tokens, there is a joint reward. This really motivates them to work together to accomplish a goal and has really improved their willingness to work. I highly recommend this product. A copy of this was provided to me to review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Animal Buddies
by Ellen,  Acampo, CA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Excellent quality. Tokens are sturdy and laminated. The animals are colorful and very motivating for young children.

So much fun!
by Casey Bacon,  Johnson City, TN
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
To be honest I was a little bit disappointed when I first got it in the mail. I didn't see how it would be very entertaining. I couldn't have been more wrong! I work with a lot of preschoolers who absolutely loved feeding the animals with a little silly pretend play on my part. Maintained their attention and willful participation in articulation and phonological therapy. I also used it with my younger language kiddos for association, WH questions, and sorting. Great purchase!

Animal Buddies
by Bea G.,  Queens, New York
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Great activity to get through articulation drills with pre-schoolers! Good way to expand a preschooler's MLU too.

Fun and Useful
by Tiffany D.,  Hickory, NC
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I carry this box around everywhere. My patients always ask for this motivational game to be paired with artic cards or any other target goal.

It's okay
by Ali,  US
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
It's all right. Certain kids like it for a short time. I definitely wouldn't recommend purchasing this at full price, I got it in a 50% off sale. I think it's worth $10-$15, if that.

Animal buddies
by Karla T.,  San Antonio, TX
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This is great for the little ones. They like picking which animal to feed.

Animal Buddies Open-Ended Motivational Box With Tokens
by Jackie A.,  Quincy, MA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I gave this item three stars because my students LOVE it. It's a cute idea, but the box was so cheaply made that upon opening, I was sorry I had bought it.. I had to tape the top on to keep it closed, and this has made it hard to open it to remove the tokens. It is very motivating for my students, however, and they ask for it all the time. I would recommend buying it. Just be aware that the quality will be a little less than optimal.

by Jess,  Oh
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This is a great way to have instant reward for hard work ..My kid love it.

Provides Confidence!
by Amy,  Kansas
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
My daughter loves to feed all the different animals when she plays the Shadow Matchups Fun Deck. It makes her feel confident that she has made the right matches as we play! Great for motivating children to share as well.

Animal Buddies
by Charlie J,  Hiouston, TX
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
This item was referred to me by another SLP. The container is very bright and enduring to all of my students. They enjoy "feeding" the animals when they received a correct answer. I started with Kindergarten then my 4th graders want to try using it. By George!!! I got more enthusiasm in their work production. Just wish there were more than 20 items to feed to the animals. I was totally amazed by this little box!!!!

Great Product.
by Rachel,  Lakewood
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Great product. I have used it when working in a preschool room and the kids love it. I have used it for reinforcement as well as eliciting expressive language skills.

Animal Buddies are the Best!
by Fiona C,  Tasmania, Australia
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Finding motivational tools that help maintain a young child's focus on a task can be difficult. Animal Buddies have helped me to provide lots opportunities to practice targeted skills in individual and small group treatment for fluency, articulation, and language based tasks. Heaps of fun and children keep focused and working on their targets so they can feed the animals - a great resource that makes practice effotless!!

Fun for everyone!
by Lauren L.,  Milford, PA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I work with toddlers and preschoolers, and have been very pleased with the response I've gotten from my little ones with this fun new activity. They are very motivated to "feed" the animals, allowing me to easily elicit numerous responses. I've used it for everything from artic drills to following directions. My own six year old likes to use it when we quiz him on addition and subtraction drills!

love it!
by Anna L.,  Brooklyn, NY
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
a great motivating tool for my preschoolers. I use it to reward my kids for some of the more "boring" activities that are not intrinsically motivating. They love feeding the different animals and Its a great material to use in itself to target goals such as listening/following directions (e.g., feed the bunny 1 carrot), quantifiers, negation (which one is NOT the carrot) etc. I especially love the fact that I bought it on sale!!! great buy, simple motivator.

Always a Favorite!
by Jennifer B,  Oxford, PA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I have used Animal Buddies with all age groups. Nice motivational item that's open ended. Great quality! A must for any SLP!

Animal Buddies
by Sandy F.,  Chicago, IL
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
A great way to keep youngsters engaged while waiting their turn. Durable.

can't go wrong!
by Amanda C.,  Mechanicsburg, PA
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I finally broke down and purchased this item for myself after "borrowing" it from clinicians in the past. And it is worth it! This is the kind of activity that is so simple, but motivating for children of all early/primary ages (2-7). It I noticed that the vinyl box is much more durable than the previous cardboard material.

Animal Buddies
by Pam B.,  Whitesburg, KY
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I have completely worn out 2 of the boxes. I feel like I can get preschoolers to do almost anything if they can "feed the animals" as a reward. I act silly and make the animal noises when they "feed" them and the children love it! Animal Buddies are my best reenforcer!!

Best motivational tool for young children
by Christine Canada,  Edwardsville IL
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
My early childhood students love feeding the animals as a reward for saying their words and and answering questions. We say "snack" for clusters and "eat" for final consonant deletion. It's great for animal and food related vocabulary too.

Animal Buddies are the Best!
by Leanna V.,  Fort Worth, TX
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
I really enjoy using the Animal Buddies with a variety of patients. For one patient in particular, we can work on "wh" questions, using complete sentences, more & less, and much more! He knows that for every right answer, he is able to "feed" the animal, which makes him think/work harder! What a great therapy tool!

Best motivational tool for young children
by SLP - School,  Edwardsville IL
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
Animal buddies is my favorite motivational game. My early childhood students will do anything I ask for a chance to feed the animals. The game itself is great for working on phonolical processes. For cluster reduction the kids say snack and feed the animals their snack. For Final consonant deletion the kids say eat. For syllable deletion the kids say peanut or banana. I practice 'Wh' questions. 'Which animal do you want to feed?' 'What does he want to eat?' The therapy possibilities with this simple toy go beyond a simple token system, and my kids love playing with it.

Excellent Reinforcement for Kiddos with Attention Issues
by Susan,  Farmington, CT
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
love this product! I use it for a few kindergarten students that require discrete trial training and for kids with attention issues. It has made my therapy session much more productive! Great product for pre-K through the early elementary years--a versatile product!

Simple motivator
by SLP - Other,  Florida
#AB23 – Animal Buddies® Motivational Box
While this product is durable, I felt it was over priced.

AB23 -  Animal Buddies® $35.95 
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