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Z-Vibe Tips


Professional Use Only

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Z-vibe tips
by Rebecca I.,  Ooltewah, TN
#AG511 – Z-Vibe
Extra Tips
The zvibe is a great oral motor tool and being able to buy extra tips is convenient so you can use the zvibe base with different students.

by Lalaine V.,  Anaheim Hills
#AG511 – Z-Vibe
Extra Tips
Great tool for feeding and oral motor therapy. My son likes this tool a lot.

A Must Have for all SLPs
by Lynne H.,  Temecula, CA
#AG511 – Z-Vibe
Extra Tips
I highly recommend this product. I can't imagine providing speech or swallowing therapy without it. The tips attach and detach easily and the vibration does not create a loud noise that could distracts or frighten some pediatric patients.

AG511 -  Z-Vibe Tips (2-Pack) $18.99 
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