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Z-Vibe Replacement Batteries

for Z-Vibe or Z-Grabber

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by Tabitha,  Flint, MI
#AG520 – Z-Vibe
This item is commonly used in our clinic to power our Z-vibes for our Occupational Therapist treatments. Super Duper Inc. has the best price and the quickest shipping times for the convenience of our ordering process.

the best and easy to operate tool
by Nehal Kothari,  Bombay
#AG520 – Z-Vibe
It is one of the most effective and easy to operate tools for oro motor therapy. The design is perfect. One can easily adjust it for stimulating different parts of oral cavity. It can be used for multiple purposes from oral stimulation to improving speech clarity and for facilitating appropriate developmental pattern and for feeding therapy. It's multi purpose use makes it a must have in the oro motor kit.

by Susan R.,  Pittsburgh, PA
#AG520 – Z-Vibe
I have been using the Z-Vibe for a year now and I have just replaced the battery. I have the most positive results from this tool and children seem to accept it more than the other oral motor tools available.

AG520 -  Z-Vibe Batteries (3-Pack) $15.95 
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