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Artic Photos Fun Decks® Set 2

For Articulation & Language

All Ages

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Add real-life photo excitement to your articulation and language class. Ten photo Fun Decks cover all your basic sound needs. Plus, the pictures are very kid-pleasing! Set 1 and Set 2 Combos have 10 decks totaling 560 cards per set.
Each Artic Photos Fun Deck includes:
  • 28 pairs! 56 total cards! Pairs make it easy to play Go Fish, Memory, etc.
  • 2 bonus wild cards.
  • 10 initial, 9 medial, and 9 final position photo-word cards.
  • Easy-to-hold card size! 2½" x 3½".
  • Sturdy tins for each deck
  • Combo sets come in a metal travel case with handle
  • Master-word list and game ideas!
APC222 -  Artic Photos Fun Decks®: Set 2 Combo (Includes: K, G, F, V, P, B, T, D, M, and J)
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AP14 -  Artic Photos Fun Deck® - V $14.99 
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AP15 -  Artic Photos Fun Deck® - P $14.99 
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