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Artic Photos Fun Decks® Set 1

For Articulation & Language
Revised with NEW Color Photos!

All Ages

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Nice addition to my materials
by Michelle D.,  Topeka, KS
#APC100B – Artic Photos Fun Decks®:
Set 1 Combo
I needed some basic cards as I'm building my collection of materials as a new SLP, and these photo decks are perfect. Within the first week of receiving them, I've used them every day during therapy. Several of my students have commented on the pictures, which they had not done with the illustrated cards we had been using previously.

APC300 -  Artic Photos Fun Decks®: Set 1 Combo (Includes: S, R, L, S/R/L Blends, Z, SH, CH, and TH) Reg: $149.99Now: $119.99*
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AP31 -  Artic Photos S Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP32 -  Artic Photos R Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP33 -  Artic Photos L Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP34 -  Artic Photos S Blends Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP35 -  Artic Photos R Blends Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP36 -  Artic Photos L Blends Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP37 -  Artic Photos Z Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP38 -  Artic Photos SH Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP39 -  Artic Photos CH Fun Deck® $14.99 
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AP40 -  Artic Photos TH Fun Deck® $14.99 
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