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Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech

Bulletin Board Set

Grades K and Up

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Celebrate Better Hearing & Speech with these brand new, festive additions to your classroom decorations. Each piece of the set shares helpful information of what better hearing and speech is all about. This display includes several "info" balloons that give short descriptions of the professions of audiologists and speech-language therapists and what they do to help us acquire and use better speech.
Even though May is the month for celebrating better hearing, speech, and language, you'll get two interchangeable headline banners allowing you to use your Celebrate Set all year round. As an added bonus, you'll receive 24 feet of ribbon for each balloon! Celebrate by ordering yours today! Pieces range from 3" to 16" x 22".
BB328 -  Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Bulletin Board Set $19.95 
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