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Webber® Vocalic R Bingo

Vocalic R Sounds: ER, OR, AR, AIR, EAR, IRE, and Prevocalic R

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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by Laurie T,  LaGrange, IN
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
The students are enjoying something different to work on the R sounds. I use the Chipper Chat markers to cover the squares. They LOVE clearing the board with the magnet.

Fun practic
by Katie,  Boise ID
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
A nice change from flash cards and go fish

Vocalic R Bingo
by Mary,  Evansville WI
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
Great way for students to really practice those /r/'s and to be able to select which sound to work on is awesome!

by chedva d.,  woodnere ny
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love this game. I have all the artic bingo games and this one does not disappoint. It is great that it has variations of the vocalic /r/ so can be used with many different distortions.

Makes this caseload "favorite " more fun!
by Janet C.,  New Lenox, Il
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
Even my older elementary students love this. It definitely makes practicing these difficult sounds more fun and is motivating for my students.

Great Product
by Holly C.,  Boston,MA
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
The Vocalic R Bingo is a great product. Students love to play Bingo! They have fun while practicing their target sounds. Very durable and will last for years to come.

Never enough vocalic /r/
by Madison J.,  Jefferson, GA
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
Though you can never have enough vocalic R activities. I wish there were different words than just the same from the artic photo cards.

R bingo
by Teri Daniels,  Columbia, SC
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
The children have really enjoyed the game. Fun practice for R sound. I do think it is a little pricey.

Excellent practice
by Teresa N.,  Bronx, NY
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
These bingo cards provided many practice opportunities for my client while allowing him to have fun.

by Lisa S.R.
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
Super Duper products always meet my students' needs! The artwork is "current" and appealing! I've relied on the Fun Decks for phonological awareness training, the various bingo games for social skills, vocabulary, and articulation, and the Fun Deck and More books with CD for homework sheets.

by Jennifer Conley
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love the products you sell. I enjoy the articulation products and the fun decks are so easy to use!

by Kerri L.
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Loa D States Uhrich
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love my articulation cards and games. The pictures are colorful and accurrate. The kids love the artwork.

by Alicia McInnis
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love the say and do games, as well as Artic Chipper Chat, but believe it or not, I still enjoy using my Jumbo Artic Drill Book.

by Danette Morgan
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
I love BINGO type games.

by Annette Goll
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
You do a great job just the way you are doing it! The bingo games are my kid's favorites and therefore I like them too.

by Denise
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
My favorite items are by far the Bingos you offer. I can use them for a variety of levels and grades, and they can be adapted easily to incorporate other goals I am working on.

by Catherine Lesko, Boca Raton, FL
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
The articulation bingo games are great. All of the children enjoy playing them. The laminated game boards are extremely durable and seem to last forever.

by Nichole Evers, Manila, AR
#BGO152 - Webber® Vocalic R Bingo
My students love Articulation Chipper Chat and all of the Bingo Games. I like to use a variety of activities to keep therapy interesting, but they never seem to get tired of these two games.

BGO152 -  Webber® Vocalic R Bingo $59.95 
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