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Say & Do® Vocab Bingo

Laminated Bingo Games

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. Riddles by Nancy Fulton M.S., CCC-CLP & M. Thomas Webber, Jr. - Grades PreK and Up

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multifunctional game!!!
by GG,  Tampa, FL
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This game is great for preschoolers and early elementary aged kiddos! It's a great tool for vocabulary and early language. Perfect for group and individual therapy.

Vocabulary targets
by Stacie M.,  Peoria, AZ
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
When I was working in the school district, I used this a lot with kids that I was working with on developing vocabulary with. It's a fun way to target it. Very good product!

Say & Do Vocab Bingo
by Patricia R,  Independence, MO
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Kids love the product. The kids have fun while still learning concepts.

Great Product
by Amy S.,  Tupelo, MS
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students love these bingo games! This is a "go to" product for my students working on language goals.

Fun Riddles
by Sophie T,  Washington
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This is a game of fun riddles. Even the easier subjects such as "colors" are a little tricky for some kids because of the phrasing of cue card. Overall, very fun and effective!

Awesome resource!
by Kelly P.,  Thomasville, NC
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Say & Do Vocab Bingo is a great resource to use with newcomers as well as kids becoming more proficient with the language. I work at 2 schools as an ESL teacher and I am thinking about buying one for each school.

The kids love this!
by Suzanne R.,  Decatur, IL
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students think of this game as a mystery game. Helps with vocabulary development and and reasoning skills too!

Listening to Understand
by Kathy F.,  Toronto, ON
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
We have used this game in auditory therapy and at home. It is a great way to build vocabulary and listening skills. Adults read the rhyming descriptions while our daughter makes up her own clues. You can see her language develop as well as notice words that she hasn't acquired yet.

Fun Game
by Rhonda B,  Portland
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This game is fun for students to learn their basic categories.

Vocab Bingo
by Lori R.,  Surprise,AZ
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Great game for teaching vocab. Ranges from easy to hard depending on the game played.

say and do vocab bingo
by Brenda,  Lancaster, NY
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Great game! Pictures are appropriate for many ages. Cards provide great cues or descriptions to allow kids to guess the item. Love the different categories.

Bingo fun!
by Maritza M Ramrirez,  Surprise, Az
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students enjoy the Bingo game and keeps them very competitive while using good vocabulary!

Worth the cost?
by Madison J.,  Jefferson, GA
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This is another great activity to address those expressive language delays. However, some of my younger kids had trouble finding specific items on the multi-picture boards. I am also not entirely happy with the price point on this item.

by Kayla K,  Evansville, IN
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
These are a must-have material for anyone working with speech and language! I love these and my kids are so motivated by them! Thanks superduper for your amazing products!

Say & Do vocab bingo
by Holly M.,  Indiana
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This is nice to use to incorporate vocab but still have fun and play a game! The kids don't even realize they are learning :)

Love the Vocab Bingo
by Lisa L.,  Oviedo, FL
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I use the Vocab Bingo with my groups where I serve either speech and language students or just language impaired. I work with pre-k and kindergarten students and this game provides lots of different categories and gameboards to work with so that my students don't become bored.

Great product!
by Suzanne B.,  San Diego
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I started using vocab bingo as soon as I got it in the mail and I couldn't be happier! It is really helpful for students working on vocabulary AND reasoning skills. My students love listening to the clues and guessing which word it is. This can be used to target a wide range of goals.

Great vocab bingo
by Daniela M.,  San Antonio, TX
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love this game. Helps to target many different areas of speech and language.

Love it
by DK,  Maryland
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Perfect for many different goals/objectives. Easy to just take off shelf and use during the last minute prep times.

by Genevieve,  Brossard, Qc
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Child-friendly art. Children enjoy the game. Covers a wide range of vocabularyin 8 major categories. Versatile: can be used for riddles, but also for naming and basic categorisation skills

vocab bingo
by Valeda S,  Ontario
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
this is a product we like and use in our centre's kindergarten programs. This is our second purchase of this game.

by Mylène A.,  La Baie, Québec, Canada
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the Vocab Bingo game. I started translating the cards in french so I can use that Bingo Game in french. Also, I use the Bingo Game with the magnetic chips instead of those that come with the game, because kids love the magnetic chips.

Good selection of vocabulary
by Maggie G,  Warren, Ohio
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students have fun while learning basic vocabulary from a variety of categories.

by Danette M.,  Plano, Texas
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
WONDERFUL Vocabulary game! Children do not even know that they are "working!" It's a great comprehensive set...I highly recommend it! :)

Say & Do Vocab Bingo!
by Santha V.,  Northville, MI
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
This is an excellent game. My students enjoy this pictorial bingo game so much that they request it by name! I enjoy using the colorful game format to facilitate vocabulary development across several practical categories. It's easy to work on identification, labellling & description abilities across a variety of age levels. This is definitley my favorite purchase!

Must Have!
by Nixsaliz C.,  Brooklyn, NY
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Vocab Bingo is an easy and fun way to increase a child's vocabulary as they identify and label pictures while playing. I absolutely love this item for my older children. It maintains them entertained and focused. This is a must have!!!

Vocab Bingo
by Yasmeen Khan,  Montreal, Canada
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Vocab Bingo is such a great tool to work with in therapy. It is such a versatile tool that can be used in so many different ways. I have used this game with children and adults. The riddles are great for older children and adults and you can make it a regular bingo for younger children. I love it so much that I bought if for work and will buy one for my private practice as well!

by Lisa S.R.
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Super Duper products always meet my students' needs! The artwork is "current" and appealing! I've relied on the Fun Decks for phonological awareness training, the various bingo games for social skills, vocabulary, and articulation, and the Fun Deck and More books with CD for homework sheets.

by Amita Koul
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Amy Triggs
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the fun, coulourful games that make therapy more enjoyable for the students and myself!

by Brenda king
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the games and hands on activities. The children love them.

by Allison Lange
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I enjoy the games and fun decks the most.

by Racheal M.
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Amy S
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Vocabulary Bingo is a great tool for teaching basic vocabulary that also teaches categories. The riddles also help develop inferencing skills as well as auditory memory.

by Bobbie Drake
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
As a mother of a fourth-grader who has Asperger's, I particularly enjoy all of the games and social skills activities that you have available. All of your products appear to be so fun and enjoyable for the kids, that they probably don't even realize that they are picking up some very important life skills while they are playing them. That's important, because, after all, why shouldn't social skills games be just as entertaining as any childrens game? You guys obviously 'get' kids ---thanks!!!

by Brandy Pancoast
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
We learned about your products through our SLP. She gave our daughter your Say & Do "S" Bingo for a one week homework assignment. Then she gave her the Say & Do Vocab Bingo to use for a week for homework. Once again it was a big hit. These games are so much fun that we are buying a copy to have in our game cupboard at her request. What a winner...fun and increased speech!

by Karen McManus
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
Super Duper has GREAT games and ideas that we use frequently in our school therapy sessions.

2 for 1
by Anna,  Brooklyn, NY
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
The vocabulary bingo is a fun way to increase identification and labeling skills of common nouns. Plus, the cards are great for visual cues. As a bonus, this product provides descriptions which also works great for word finding difficulty.

by Lynn Herndon
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
service is great! we just ordered the Funalogy game. Our children love the games & anytime we use the secret decoder.

by Kathy W.,  Rowlett, Texas
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I purchased Vocabulary bingo for a group of older students that needed to work on vocabulary building. Once I began using it I found that it was appropriate for many more age and disability levels. My OT loves it as well. The children are building listening skills, vocabulary skills and fine motor skills all in one fabulous game!!!!!

by Christy Shuffield
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the Super Duper games! My students don't even realize they are learning! I have been ordering your products for years and I think Super Duper is just that-SUPER DUPER! Thanks for being an SLP's best friend!

by Nora Sedlock
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I think all your games and tools are great. I use them on a daily basis. I love the artic cards, the magnet matching kit, and everything else you guys offer. Thanks for all the hard work!

by SLP - Other,  Brownsville,Tx
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the say&do vocab bingo. I use it for almost anything from learning new vocabulary to carry over. I recommend this product.

by Leslie Chew
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My favorite Super Duper product is Vocab Bingo. I use it with my preschool students all the time. They enjoy playing the game with there peers and using the color chips. The students match their colors, ask questions, help their peers. I get so much from my students. It's a game that I use all the time!!

by Alicia McInnis
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love the say and do games, as well as Artic Chipper Chat, but believe it or not, I still enjoy using my Jumbo Artic Drill Book.

by Danette Morgan
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love BINGO type games.

by Annette Goll
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
You do a great job just the way you are doing it! The bingo games are my kid's favorites and therefore I like them too.

Great Fun
by Kathy T.,  Florida
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
The Children enjoy this game.

by Denise
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My favorite items are by far the Bingos you offer. I can use them for a variety of levels and grades, and they can be adapted easily to incorporate other goals I am working on.

by Cheryl Moriarty
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
The products that my son enjoys the most are Vocab Bingo and Ask & Answer Wh Bingo. He brings the games to his grandparents, his afterschool program, and his friends'.

by Jessica Carstensen, Orlando, FL
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
I love Say & Do Vocab Bingo! i have found so many ways to use it in my school-based therapy sessions. I can target the different goals of several students. Thank you!

by Nichole Evers, Manila, AR
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students love Articulation Chipper Chat and all of the Bingo Games. I like to use a variety of activities to keep therapy interesting, but they never seem to get tired of these two games.

by Shelli Sutherland, Chaska, MN
#BGO22 - Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
My students love the colorful, "real-life-looking" fun cards for articulation for a variety of games. They also enjoy "Twisto Tommy", and the variety of games in the packet. "Vocab Bingo" and "Look Who's Listening" are other favorites of my language students.

BGO22 -  Say & Do® Vocab Bingo $54.95 
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