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Say & Do® Verbs Bingo

Laminated Bingo Games

by Thomas Webber, Molly DeShong, and Amy Parks - Grades PreK and Up

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Learning present and past tense verb forms is an essential language skill. This "action-packed" Verbs Bingo set gives you numerous and innovative ways to help students master both present and past tense verbs. Great for 1 to 6 players!
  • Teach 96 present tense verbs! Each present tense verb has a riddle calling card that adds to the fun—"In a boat, you can go, when you use the oars to _______."
  • Help students learn 48 regular past tense verbs (add "d" or "ed")! These calling cards introduce the present tense verb, and then present a past tense verb-sentence—"Today I wash the dishes. Yesterday, I _____ the dishes."
  • Teach 48 irregular past tense verbs—"Today, we ride our bikes. Yesterday, we _______ our bikes."
  • Once your students learn these verb forms, give them a real challenge with the past tense combo boards, which mix together regular and irregular past tense verbs.
  • Use all the calling cards to make great card games (even without the boards)!
Verbs Bingo includes:
  • 60 laminated bingo playing surfaces (8½" x 11"). 30 boards printed front and back and color-coded for easy sorting.
  • 240 verb calling cards (2⅛" x 3⅝"). The caller can either read the riddle and have students guess the answer or the caller can show the target picture to the child and say the verb!
  • Bingo chips (assorted colors).
  • Handy storage tub.
BGO444 -  Say & Do® Verbs Bingo $54.95 
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