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Webber® Inferencing Big Deck

by Sharon G. Webber and Rynette Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades K and Up

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To infer means to be able to look at clues in a situation and figure out what is happening. This Webber Inferencing BIG Deck has 100 large 5" x 7" photo cards each with six follow-up questions to help children improve their inferencing skills. The color-coded topic areas include:
  • Associations (These items belong to...)
  • Identify the Setting (Where is this?)
  • Part to Whole (What is it?)
  • Predicting (What happens next?)
  • What Happened?
To use this deck, show your students the picture and ask them the first question. Then for additional inferencing and language practice, read the short story on the back of the card and ask the other five questions. Use the last question to begin a discussion with your students about their opinions and feelings, or how they would handle different situations. Includes game ideas and content cards.
BIG234 -  Webber Inferencing Big Deck $39.95 
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