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Webber® Inferencing Big Deck

by Sharon G. Webber and Rynette Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades K and Up

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Great product
by Francesca T.,  New Orleans, LA
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
This is a wonderful product! I plan to use this with my upper elementary students. The visuals are great! Definitely happy I purchased this product.

Webber Inferencing Big Deck
by Tammy W,  Apopka, FLorida
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
My students and I are loving the Inferencing Cards. The pictures are very colorful and so functional. They depict everyday life events. Thank you for such a great product to help my students with answering inferential questions and increasing comprehension skills.

Inferencing Cards
by Gina M.,  Ann Arbor, MI
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I can easily pair these cards with any game/activity. Students benefit from looking at the picture stimulus on the back while I read the story/question out loud.

Great product!
by Katie D.,  Cleveland, OH
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
This is a great product for a variety of ages.

Webber Inferencing Deck
by Patricia R,  Independence, MO
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
Easy to see and students are able to learn additional concepts.

by Kim s.,  Jacksonville, FL
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
We live these. Kiddo thinks they're a game and I'm actually doing therapy. He has decreased social skills and these cards were perfect to work on some things he doesn't see on his own.

Webber Inferencing Big Deck
by Lana M.,  Greenfield, IN
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
This box of cards is wonderful to take with me from class to class for language inclusion services. I try to work on the same reading strategy or skill that the students are working on with the reading series. This box of cards allows me to do that without printing or using a lot of paper. The students like the pictures. The questions on the back allow me to dig deeper into each skill. Some of the questions would make good writing prompts.

Inferences and questions
by Christine,  Danielson, CT
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
Love the large picture cards and varied questions to prompt students and encourage higher level thinking. Students enjoy the various topics. Great to work on auditory memory and repair strategies, as they ask for repetition or clarification, as well with my deaf and hard of hearing students.

Webber Inferencing BIG Deck Meets Needs
by Jerilynn P,  Knoxville, TN
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
The common core Standards have put great demands upon both the student and teacher. The Webber Inferencing BIG Deck will help your students learn this required skill using real life pictures as prompts.

School Based SLP
by Speechie,  Reading, PA
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I really like these pictures and they are divided into various tabs. My students were very interested in them and enjoyed the paragraphs that correlate with the pictures.

by Holly C,  Windsor, CO
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
Love this product. I find that it works in a variety of language, artic, and fluency areas. It can be used in conjunction with games and implemented as carry over practice at home.

by Michelle S.,  Buffalo, NY
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I absolutely love these cards. The real-life pictures and scenarios are very functional. After I bought them, my coworkers wanted to borrow them so much they all ended up buying their own sets. Very versatile!

Great for conversation too
by Susan M.,  Midlothian, VA
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
My students really enjoy these cards to answer a variety of "wh" questions. The cards are large with interesting topics, great pictures and so far have also promoted great conversation. Some picture card topics may be too difficult for lower grades but otherwise, good investment.

Inferencing Big Deck
by Vicky B.,  Portland, Oregon
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I love this product! With photographs of everyday items and events you have everything you need to teach the skill of answering questions. I also like the way it incorporates listening comprehension. I have purchased it for both of my buildings so I don't have to carry it around.

inference cards
by Nicole P.,  San Diego, CA
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I love the real life pictures that are large enough to discuss in a small group. I also like the questions on the back and a small photo of the same picture so that you can see what they are looking at as well.

Great Product
by Cate D,  California
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I really like these cards. It works with my ABI students and we have alot of fun with it.

Great Pictures
by Lisa J,  Conway, SC
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I love these pictures for multiple uses in speech therapy! They are awesome for elementary children with Autism!

Webber Inferencing Big Deck
by Cindy H.,  Topeka, KD
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
Very useful for a variety of skills and skill levels. Real photographs make it easier for students on the spectrum to take the other person perspective. Questions are relevant.

great language tool
by Cassandra F.,  Rowland Heights, CA
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I love this item. There are so many different concepts to target from predictions to associations to modifying tasks to answer wh-questions. This is a great product to use for all language levels and easy to manipulate to fit goals and treatment.

Great for Inferencing!
by Kate B.,  Raleigh, NC
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
I LOVE these cards! The pictures are of real items, are colorful and on sturdy cardstock.

by Kim Patterson,  Sprigfield, Mo
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
Purchased this week. My kids loved it. Great game ideas included. Very vivid pictures and the questions were spot on!

by Julie F.,  Colorado Springs, CO
#BIG234 - Webber Inferencing Big Deck
This have been such a great tool to use with my students. I really needed something that just focused on inferencing. This is perfect.

BIG234 -  Webber Inferencing Big Deck $39.95 
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