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Descripto Bingo


by Susan Boegler and Debbie Abruzzini - Grades PreK-5

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Have you ever felt at a loss searching for material to help students whose describing and elaborating skills are poor? Well, the authors of Descripto Bingo have field-tested an innovative approach using a visual cue called a "describing map." The describing map offers students a visual framework to help organize their thoughts. They combined an old favorite game, bingo, with the describing map. And guess what?! The kids love it, and their describing skills are steadily improving.
  • 8 lessons included to teach the "Describing Map" method.
  • 23 categories for the reproducible bingo cards! Includes – Occupations, Pets,Transportation, and many more!
  • Clue sheets for the instructor to use for each category.
It's fun! It's easy! And it really, truly works! 128 pages. Perfect-bound Softcover.
BK239 -  Descripto Bingo Book $24.95 
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