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Descripto Bingo


by Susan Boegler and Debbie Abruzzini - Grades PreK-5

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descripto bingo
by Debbie,  Ft Lauderdale
#BK239 – Descripto Bingo Book
I love this product. It teaches children as young as kindergarten... and even younger....how to descibe by naming function, parts,category,taste, feel, and other attributes using a visual mapping organizer systematic approach. After the concept is taught through several lessons the children are then ready to reinforce their newly learned skills in a game format. I love the systematic organized approach to teaching these skills.

Practice Learning Attributes
by Susannah K,  San Diego, CA
#BK239 – Descripto Bingo Book
A wonderful resource for introducing describing attributes in an easy, kid friendly format. Everyone likes a mystery! The students begin with a special map and you walk them around the "clues" that will help describe an item in an easy, engaging way. There are several worksheets to utilize with the map, and then you can use a "master" map to describe your own items! Students can also practice playing their own bingo games by giving each other clues--or you can give them the clues and see if they can guess the items from your descriptions! A valuable resource that time strapped therapists can use as is, or enhance with your own materials time permitting!

BK239 -  Descripto Bingo Book $24.95 
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