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Yesterday's Verbs, Regular & Irregular Past Tense

Book, Test Color Booklets

by Marian Vanden Noven - Grades 1-6

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Teaching regular and irregular verbs can be an awesome task! Fortunately, Yesterday's Verbs has just what your kids need to reach their action word goals. This program is simply terrific—and very popular. Here's why. The program workbook (146 pages and 160 verbs) has two parts:
In Section One (regular past tense verbs), students practice saying common action words out loud in words and sentences as they complete each activity. Then, each child advances to the written communication exercises. (105 pages)
In Section Two (irregular past tense verbs), children complete a host of word match-up, spelling, fill-in-blank (and more) pages to help them learn and retain these difficult action words. Best of all, you also receive two full-color, laminated, testing/teaching, picture-word books. These 4" x 4" sets help you to give pre/post tests and teach these verb forms in vibrant color! (95 pages)
BK264 -  Yesterday's Verbs, Regular & Irregular Past Tense $49.95 
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