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Yesterday's Photo Verbs

Regular and Irregular Past Tense Verbs

by Marian Vanden Noven - Grades 1-6

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Yesterday’s Photo Verbs program has just what your students need to reach their action word goals! The program includes a 143-page workbook and presents 160 regular and irregular past tense verbs divided into two parts:
In Section One (regular past tense verbs), students practice saying common 60 common action words grouped by pronunciation: Unvoiced Suffix, Voiced Suffix, and Vowelized Suffix. Students say the verbs aloud as they complete each activity and then advance to the written communication exercises.
In Section Two (irregular past tense verbs), students learn 80 irregular past tense verbs divided into four groups for easy acquisition and retention of verb spellings. Students then complete a host of word match-up, spelling, fill-in-the-blank pages, and more to help them learn and retain these more difficult action words.
Each group has pre-/posttests, lesson plans to chart progress, color photo-verb pages, and practice activities to establish correct use and spelling of the target verbs. Homework sheets inform parents of progress and encourage home practice to ensure carryover. Use the photos included in the workbook for oral practice of the verbs in isolation and in sentences. Yesterday’s Photo Verbs also includes Reward Pages for completion of each section, the Sentence Train activity for additional practice, and an Answer Key.
The program also contains two full-color, laminated, testing/teaching photo-word booklets in vibrant color. These spiral-bound booklets (5" x 3") help you administer pre-/posttests and teach the verb forms.
BK264 -  Yesterday's Photo Verbs $49.95 
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