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Giant Book of Phonology


by Beverly Foster and Howard Gold - Grades PreK-3

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Giant Book of Phonology
by Will M.,  Pittsburgh, PA
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
A great resource that can be used weekly with students demonstrating phonological processes. Have already had this on my desk as a go to copy and go activity.

Great purchas
by Reni H,  Norman, OK
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This book has it all for working on phonology with children. I like the progression from words to sentences and how the vocabulary is constant and not to wordy. Great resource to grab and go.

by Carissa C,  Staten Island, NY
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This book makes lesson planning easy! Many target sounds are included in all different positions.. Take home sheets are also included! Its a must have!

Just what I needed!
by Louise F,  Overseas
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I already have some of super duper Phonology and Articualtion books but I always need more pictures! This is the perfect book. Lists of words. Letters for parents. Perfect for cycles approach.

User friendly!
by Kate G.,  Phoenix, AZ
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
Love this book and how it is outlined. Only lost a star because it does not come with a disc - confusing in the product description. Would love to order a disc as well.

Great Phonology book
by Elizabeth,  Charleston,SC
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
Great phonology book...makes cycles therapy so much easier. A must have for any SLP!

Love it
by Amy,  North Carolina
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This is one of my best purchases and is well used. If you have unintelligible students, this will help you out.

Giant Book of Phonology
by Amy W.,  Haymarket, VA.
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I like how the pictures in the Giant Book of Phonology are large in size, easy to make a mini book out of, and good for younger kids. A lot of my caseload consists of preschoolers with phonological processing disorders. This book is very useful for daily practicing and homework.

Great Book
by Kendra R.,  Milwaukee, WI
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I just purchased the Giant Book of Phonology and have already used it multiple times. I like the lists and letters for parents. I also like that I can add my own comments to the information as well.

Excellent Book!
by Patty K.,  Ronkonkoma, NY
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I love this book! The pictures are big and clear and the different sounds that I need to remediate are easy to find in the table of contents. Is definitely becoming one of my favorite "go to" books!

by Lauren N.,  West Palm Beach, FL
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This book is wonderful as it provides the SLP with easy to use pictures to elicit words, as well as increasing levels of complexity as progression is noted. Great for children of all ages! Highly recommended for SLP's working with articulation disorders.

Giant Book of Phonology
by Lyn Y.,  Clearwater, FL
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This is an excellent product for the busy Speech Pathologist. Including auditory bombardment lists and well chosen target words does the planning for me. Parents can help their children at home with these materials. I have used the Giant Book of Phonology to meet the needs of kids at all levels.

Giant Book of Phonology
by Beth K.,  Wichita, KS
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I love this resource! I wore out my first copy and had to buy a second, which is even better because it now comes with a CD so I can print off what I need. I especially love the word lists that you can send home with students. I'd highly recommend this resource to any school based SLP.

Most used product!
by Amy D.,  Wheeling, IL
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
This is the one product that I have used the most during my first year as a speech pathologist! My students LOVE to color the pictures and take their books home to their parents to practice! I send books home for each process we work on and the parents appreciate the "homework" as well!

by Sarah McFarlane
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I would like to see more products in a cheaper price range. I really like many of your products, I just can't afford to buy them all. It would be nice to more products for special education teachers.. You have such wonderful products. I really like the hands on products as well as those that offer a CD for printables.

by Jessica Haro
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I just wanted to say I am so grateful that Super Duper continues to support SLPs by including CDs in their workbooks. I print so many homework and activity sheets so I don't have to deal with the copier, it saves so much time! Companies like LinguiSystems have lost my business because they are no longer supportive in this way. I also really enjoy the parent handouts! Keep 'em coming! I use them all the time and have told my colleuges about them!

by Jennifer Conley
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I love the products you sell. I enjoy the articulation products and the fun decks are so easy to use!

by Kerri L.
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Loa D States Uhrich
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I love my articulation cards and games. The pictures are colorful and accurrate. The kids love the artwork.

by SLP - Other,  Little Rock, AR
#EXR24 - Rinky Links (24 Pack)
I like using the Early Articulation Roundup with my artic kids because it is a fun activity that they can participate in during therapy, then take home and share with their parents. The easy step by step guide included with each phoneme explains to children and parents how to produce the sound, elicit productions and practice in a heirarchical fashion from isolation to phrases. My kids love it!

by Nikki Hoff
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
I enjoy using the Practical Language Activities book by JoAnn Jeffries and Roger Jeffries, as well as the Giant Book of Phonology.

by Heather N. Smith, Akron, OH
#BK265 - Giant Book Of Phonology
GIANT BOOK OF PHONOLOGY- IT IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! I also really enjoy doing language webs with my kids...plus, they are great for quick homework!

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