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648 Pictures with Language Activities Book

by Renee Shropshire and Christina L. Haislip - Grades PreK-3

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This 162-page reproducible has 648 captivating vocabulary illustrations with versatile expressive and receptive language activities. The six major sections are Household Items, Transportation, Food, Animals, Clothes, and Miscellaneous (Body Parts, Musical Instruments, Party Items, Plants, School, Sports, and Weather). Each section includes:
  • Narrative about the topic with definitions and descriptions of the vocabulary
  • Alphabetized, comprehensive list of words
  • Picture-words
  • Game board
  • Page of "Wh" questions
  • Similarities/differences activity page
  • Category picture find
  • Categories activities page
  • Vocabulary goals
BK274 -  Vocab-u-Themes $24.95 
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