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216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes


by Molly DeShong, Nancy J. Fulton, and
Christina L. Haislip - Grades PreK-5

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Fold & Say "WH" Question Scenes
by Jacqueline M.,  Northport, NY
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
The WH- Question Scenes are relevant scenes and are a great gateway to starting a unit or theme for holidays, seasons, everyday activities, occupations, etc. It's nice that you can photocopy the page as much as you want and use for years on end. I tie the picture scene in with other books and activities related to the theme and it's great to use for reviewing of the WH- questions and answers!

Nice activity
by Carin B.,  Alberta, Canada
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
These mini books are a great activity to do at school. The kids love taking them home and sharing the story with their parents!!

Wh-Question Scenes
by April S.,  Lakewood, CA
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
This book is a great help by providing simple, familiar scenes and Wh-questions to match each scene. The CD allows me to print out only the pages I want to use quickly and easily.

Wh-questions say and do
by Yasmeen Khan,  Montreal, Canada
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I really like this book as it offers a variety of scenarios so that you can find the right pictures for any of your clients.

wh question scenes
by Rachel J.,  Detroit, MI
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
Wow! What a great book! After working on Wh questions in therapy the kids take it back to the classroom to read it to their classmates and teachers! Parents have commented on the fact that the kids save them at home to read to their families! Thanks for another great product!

Love this!
by SLP - School,  Arlington, MA
#BK276 – 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
These little booklets are great to do with kids, or send home as part of a home program. The kids love being able to fold and color the books, and there is a nice mix of more concrete and abstract questions. I love this!

BK276 -  216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes $24.95 
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