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216 Artic Tickle Stories®

Language and Articulation “Libs” for 16 Sounds plus Blends Book

by Susan Rose Simms - Grades PreK-6

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by Joy A.,  Salinas, CA
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
This is an excellent companion during therapy sessions. Kids like it

So silly and fun and effective!
by Kelli Bavaro,  New York
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
A great addition to speech sound therapy! The kids love it! Lots of laughing and motivated listening and practice going on! Activities listed in the front of the book make for great activities (thinking out of the box)! I will use these forever! And it's great to send home with parents/caregivers too because they can encourage the kiddos to retell the story and what they did it therapy, using this as a reference/support (e.g., with reduced intelligibility). Yay!!

Love this book!
by Vanessa M.,  Roswell, NM
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
This is such a great activity to use with my artic kiddos. They love being able to make their own stories and enjoy making them funny!

Love it!
by Brittany S.,  Burlington, NC
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
The kids love the stories! It is a fun and exciting way to work on articulation. Highly recommend this product.

Fun idea
by Lisa,  Portland, OR
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
It was very helpful for many of my kids that the book includes example words for them to use in the stories. A fun break from more traditional therapy.

Great for Older Students
by Rachel,  Fort Worth, TX
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
I found this resource to be very helpful with some of my older artic students. So many of the resources out there are targeted toward younger kids and the older elementary/jr high/high school crowd finds them a bit "babyish." This appeases them though - the stories are funny, they get the work on the target sound in, and you can even sneak some reading help in on the side. Very helpful product.

Great addition!!!
by Ashley Latimer,  Richburg, SC
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
Artic Tickle Stories is a great addition to any SLP library. I use it for language development, sentence structure and articulation practice.

A Great Product
by Michele S.,  Downers Grove, IL
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
I just purchased the Artic Tickle Stories book and am using it with an older elementary school student who has been in speech for several years. He is very motivated by this activity. He's been working on one story during his therapy sessions and asks to bring home another story for homework. When students ask for homework because it's fun, you know the product is good!

Artic Tickle Stories
by Tammie G.,  St. Cloud, MN
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
I have been searching for motivating therapy and homework activities that are appropriate for my upper elementary students. This book has met my needs. My students love these stories and beg for them as homework! In addition to improving articulation skills, children increase language skills as they learn "parts os speech".

Tickled with this product!
by Jaime M.,  Huntington, WV
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
The stories in this book provide a great opportunity to introduce and reinforce all the elements of grammar while practicing artic carryover skills. I love that the book contains words lists divided by sound, position and parts of speech making it super user-friendly for both the student and therapist!

Excellent and Creative
by Kristin G.,  Staten Island, NY
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
Artic Tickle Stories brings articulation therapy to life! It is a fun and exciting new approach to treat articulation errors during therapy. Students can create their own silly stories and expand their language and reading skills while practicing their target sounds! What could be better!

by Lauren,  Michigan
#BK294 – 216 Artic Tickle Stories Book
I use these with my 3rd-5th graders and they love the stories. A great way to practice at the reading level.

BK294 -  216 Artic Tickle Stories® $19.95 
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