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Webber® Artic Fun Sheets

Companion Books to the Webber® Articulation Cards
3-Book Combo

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. and The Super Duper Staff - Grades PreK and Up

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Full of great worksheets
by Renee H,  Salem, OR
#BK3012 – Webber® Artic Fun Sheets - Combo
Much larger than I thought! I great buy for the cost! I would love if it came with a disk for easier printing.

Arctic Fun Sheets
by Janelle O.,  Miami, FL
#BK3012 – Webber® Artic Fun Sheets - Combo
This product is EXCEPTIONAL! As an MS-SLP student beginning her clinical rotations, I definitely recommend this to those who are, like me, beginning to gather their "bag of tricks" :)

BK3012 -  Webber® Artic Fun Sheets - Combo $49.95 
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