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Awesome Artic® Worksheets

Sound Loaded Artic Activities for S, R, and CH, SH, TH

by Susan Rose Simms - Grades K-5

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AWESOME is just the right word to describe these sound-loaded worksheets!
Awesome Artic Worksheets have sound-loaded activities for S, R, CH, SH, and TH in all positions (initial, medial, and final) and at EVERY level (isolation, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, and carryover).
All three books contain a variety of activities students enjoy: match-ups, fill-in-the-blank storytelling, riddles, rhymes, mystery word spelling contests, finish the phrases/sentences, cut-and-paste pages, sound-loaded scenes, opposites, synonyms, silly sentences, and much more!
Each of the Awesome Artic Worksheets books has over 200 pages with parent helper letters, homework and game options, awards, and sound-loaded activities galore!
Click on the Samples button above to view the Table of Contents for each book.
BK275 -  Awesome Artic® S Worksheets $29.95 
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