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Early Articulation Roundup!

Fun Sheets for B, D, F, G, H, K, M, N, NG, P, T, V, W, and Y!

by Beverly Foster and Stacy Lynn Foster - Grades PreK-2

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Giddyup! You will need your spurs and a ten-gallon hat for Early Articulation Roundup! This Rinky Link book has over 1300 fun-filled illustrations, plus a wagon load of ideas for fourteen early-developing sounds: B, D, F, G, H, K, M, N, NG, P, T, V, W, and Y . Activities present sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions (except NG, W, and Y). You get 214 pages of humorous, child-sized illustrations that will keep your children motivated. The best part is that children can "round up" their very own articulation pictures and keep them on the easy to hold Rinky Link plastic ring (one package included).
Early Articulation Roundup! includes the following activities for each sound:
  • Oral Motor Exercises/Articulation Practice: Exercises for each sound that help teach and encourage the appropriate production of the target sound. (Have the student pretend to cough making the kuh…kuh…sound.)
  • Auditory Discrimination Pairs: A listening activity that helps the child identify the error sound. (key-tea)
  • Syllable Practice: Lists for practicing the target sound in syllables with short and long vowels. (ka as in "cat" and ka as in "cake")
  • Word, Phrase, and Sentence Pictures: Pictures for practicing each target sound at the word (cow), phrase (a candy cane), and sentence level (The king kisses the kids).
  • Helper’s Log: A helpful Homework Helper's chart.
You also receive a selection of target book covers, awards and certificates, a progress chart, a parent letter, and additional ideas for therapy. So, grab your rope and lasso and rustle up some early sounds today!
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