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Say and Do® Auditory Lessons


by Diane Hyde - Grades PreK-5

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Auditory Lessons
by Amy S,  Coats, NC
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
Great for groups, quick, easy with little planning needed!

Helpful book
by Samantha G,  Atlanta, Ga
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
Has a good variety of auditory lessons; repetition of sentences, word lists, etc. They are great to use in conjunction with a game, or to send as homework.

Say and Do Auditory Lessons
by Maria S.,  LOng beach. CA
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
This should be on every speech therapist's book shelf or travel kit! It is useful for a broad range of ages and abilities. I use it with my deaf and hard of hearing students as well as my learning disabled and autistic students. Buy it!

by Sheila K,  Cloverdale, CA
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
Lessons separated into great categories. MANY questions per category. Great for small groups. Great to leave for a game for substitutes to do.

Say And Do Auditory Lessons
by Jeanette L,  Florence, SC
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
A less expensive version of the CAPD Handbook, the Say and Do Auditory Lessons offer the same types of exercises that train the brain to hear and process information. The book contains two levels, each containing ample opportunities to practice skills. The wide variety of subskills give students a chance to increase processing abilities across the board. I am currently using this book for Homeschooled sixth graders. It makes a wonderful warm-up exercise while building confidence and listening skills.

Fantastic value!!!
by Barb R.,  Northbrook, IL
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
Do you work with students who are hearing impaired? Do you work with students who have a central auditory processing disorder? These lessons cross over into both areas!!! It's amazing that this 60 page book covers the auditory defict areas that so many of these students exhibit. The accompanying CD has been great to print out worksheets and prevents me from losing any sheets I would have had to tear out to photocopy in the past.

say and do auditory lessons
by Marni G.,  Brookfield, CT
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
Great simple quick activities to target those students with auditory processing and recall difficulties.

Excellent Resource
by Amelia T.,  Saskatchewan, Canada
#BK313 – Say and Do® Auditory Lessons
I always have this book in my bag when I travel between schools. I have used parts of this book to screen students for Auditory difficulties, and I have incorporated the materials into games. I also have recommended this book to a number of resource room teachers as a great resource to have on hand.

BK313 -  Say and Do® Auditory Lessons $29.95 
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