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Say and Do® Sound Production

Flip-Book and Activities for Apraxia and More! Book

by Jennifer Perkins Faulk and Lisa Priddy - Grades PreK and Up

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May be confusing
by Ruth N.,  FL
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
The symbols that are shown on these cards may be confusing to students with dyslexia. I tend to focus on their literacy skills as well as their phonological awareness so the brackets, and letters shown underneath the bracketed letters would be too much for my students that have difficulty with conceptualizing or have working memory issues. On a positive, the cards are nicely illustrated and would be best utilized for adults or children that have only an articulation problem.

by Zakiya B,  Lancaster, TX
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
Great visual for kids and parents. Gave a four because it did not have all articulation sounds.

Very helpful
by Mary Z,  Scottsdale, AZ
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
Great for visual learners! Love the print outs; I give them to the family after for home practice.

Great Product
by Karen G. K.,  Springfield, OH
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. I have already used it a good deal in therapy for some of my highly unintelligible kids. They have all been motivated by the pictures and enjoy flipping the pages. I would recommend this product.

Students love the visual display
by GLW,  Florida
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
Apraxic students benefit from the visual opportunity to enhance their practice of moving from one sound to another. However, I was disappointed that it does not cover all vowels and consonants.

Awesome Resource!
by Trae M,  Orlando, FL
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
This set is an awesome resource for any SLP. I've gotten great results using this book with one of my preschool students.

Glad I Purchased!
by Ashley N.,  Tulsa, OK
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
Excellent quality. I use it daily with any child on my casload with a speech-sound disorder for placement prompting.

Say and Did
by Karen McN.,  Surrey, B.C. Canada
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
I have used this product with the child I work with who has had surgery to repair her cleft pallet. We found the flip chart very useful for her to find the correct position of tongue lip placement and she was able to produce the first couple of sounds much to her amazement. Thank You so much for enabling her to make sounds. Next will come words.

Great For Artic!
by Shabie H.,  Chase City, VA
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
I have had great success with this product. I have used it with children who were showing signs of Apraxia and it has worked wonders. I really enjoy using the mouth prompts. I believe this gives the child visual stimulation, which in turn helps with correct placement of the articulators.

by Andrea E.,  Hadley, MA
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
This is an excellent visual therapy tool to use with children who have apraxia, or have difficulty with articulation. The visual models makes for many trials of working on sequencing sounds. The students enjoy flipping the pages to practice different sounds.

Great resource
by SLP - Other,  New York, NY
#BK317 – Say and Do® Sound Production
This flipbook has been a wonderful resource for my clients. It serves as a great visual support for my clients and they enjoy helping to flip the the pages. Furthermore it is organized very nicely by place of articulation which allows me to move quickly when working with clients. It also comes with a great workbook, and CD. I often print out worksheets and pictures of place of artiulation so that parents are able to work on carryover at home. I highly recommend this product!

BK317 -  Say and Do® Sound Production $39.95 
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