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Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes


by Molly DeShong, Nancy J. Fulton, and Christina L. Haislip
Translated by Melanie Frederick and Elizabeth Bueno - Grades PreK-5

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by Leah B.,  Boulder, CO
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
LOVE your Spanish products. So great to use with my Spanish speaking students. This book has tons of different wh- questions that fit in with a variety of themes. Can use with a variety of students with scaffolding. Would love to see more Spanish products available.

WH in Spanish Scenes
by Deana,  Washington state
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
This is VERY useful for teachers to use. It's clear and concise, and even some children in preschool enjoyed using it. Great RTI instruction tool.

great starter
by TN,  Bronx, NY
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I like the short stories - keeps it simple for children who have difficulties with answering questions / story comprehension.

A quien le gusta estas cartas? A mi!
by Manuel S,  Miami, FL
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I have a lot of kids in therapy who are spanish speakers, so I love when I find the rare spanish items in the sale section on super duper! They are great! This is no exception! I can reproduce all the pages and use them over and over again. Definitely recommend!!

Spanish Fold & Say "Wh" Question Scenes
by Connie Mudd,  Odessa, TX
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I was dissappointed there was no English translation included. A good group project and take home for carryover for answering questions.

Many different stories!
by Nicole G,  West Sacramento, ca
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I like the number of stories there are and how they are divided into themes. Perhaps more pics would be nice

carry-over b/c I can't write in Spanish!
by Jill Nadler,  Chicago, IL
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
This is going to be a great carry-over activity book for a Spanish-speaking Kindergartener I'll be seeing next year. I don't speak any Spanish. I'll be working side-by-side with his bilingual literacy teacher. She's already volunteering her time to work with us, so I feel badly asking her to create carry-over lessons in addition to the face-to-face time. This will be an easy way to help the parents (who demonstrate very low literacy skills themselves) facilitate responding to wh- questions, increasing utterance length, and increasing vocabulary. I'm so happy I picked this up. I also plan to use my SuperDuper verbs cards I got earlier this year, and will keep my eye out for other simple activities.

easy to use and good to have
by Liz,  San Jose, Ca
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I use this with my groups when I work with my younger students k-2. The pages can be easily copies and taken home for practice. They can also be be tied into theme units incorporated into the month (e.g. in May we focus our learning on bugs so the WH section included in this book revolving around bugs is easily incorporated. I recommend this product for those that work with Spanish speakers and target reinforcing WH questions.

Good product for Spanish-speakers
by Brenda,  Idaho Falls, ID
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I was impressed with the Fold & Say "Wh" Questions in Spanish. They are perfect to print a few off and send home as homework or work on in therapy. I like how they are sorted by category so there is some continuity from session to session.

Spanish Question
by Rebeca Olivas,  Santa Ana, California
#BK319 – Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes Book
I do not care much for this product. When I purchased this product, it was in the effort of helping my Spanish kids. However, when I received the product I was not very pleased with the product. Was not pleased the questions did not had the answers to the questions at hand.

BK319 -  Spanish 216 Fold & Say® "WH" Question Scenes $39.95 
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