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Color Me Fluent®

Fluency Program
Printable CD-ROM

by Alice Anne G. Farley M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD - Grades PreK and Up

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Great Visual Cues
by Paula Malone,  UT
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
Using the included poster with colored dots, my student was able to easily identify fluent, stuttering, and modified stuttering in my speech. I think this will be a great way for him to learn to monitor and be aware of his own fluency.

Color Me Fluent
by Gretchen S.,  Hancock, NH
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
I just received this and have not had a chance to use it with my student yet, but in looking at the materials it looks like a great program. There are great visuals with it as well as manipulatives to keep the students interest.

Awesome Program!
by Stephanie Y.,  North Carolina
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
I love the visuals that it gives students! I have pulled some of the worksheets up on the Smartboard and the students love to work on there so it makes them even more interactive.

I found what I've been looking for!
by Theresa S.,  Orland Park, Il
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
I have been looking for an engaging fluency product and now I've found it. The students love it and I'm even getting more involvement from parents.

Color Me Satisfied!
by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
Excellent resource for fluency therapy for many age levels, from pre-K to older students. There are many manipulatives included, which is nice to have everything you need at your fingertips. The manual is very nicely organized and easy to follow. There are even handouts to provide to students and to parents about fluency. I know I will use this resource all the time with my fluency students.

Color Me Fluent
by Stephanie B.,  Richmond, VA
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
A colleague introduced me to this program earlier this year. I borrowed it from her to use with a student on my caseload and I was so impressed with the success my student was having that I knew I needed to have my own copy at my school! Since funding is scarce in the school system right now, I applied and was approved for a grant from my PTA to purchase it. The program is excellent for younger (K-5) students as it gives them very tangible exercises and goals. Thank you for making such a great resource available to us!

Product is just OK
by Brenda,  Idaho Falls, ID
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
The ideas behind color me fluent are great, but it is difficult for younger kids (it is recommended for 6 year olds) to understand the concepts at times.

Color Me Fluent
by Penny Morris,  Old Bethpage, NY
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
As an elementary-school based speech therapist I have seen an increased number in fluency cases added to my caseload. After using various techniques and products, I found the students doing the activities which I asked them to do, but not quite sure why. Color Me Fluent is a MUST-HAVE for every school-based clinician. All of the techniques which I previously presented are explained how and why. In addtion to including excellent activities with materials, there are parent handouts, which I send home. Mstudents and I even called Super Duper to thanks them personally, during a fluency session! Thank you so much for helping to make a difference and for explaining why we say and use the things we do!

by Kim H.,  Mesa, AZ
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
I have had great success with one of my therapy students with this program. He has learned alot about slowing his speech and using the techniques to help him. I like this program. It is easy to use and has lots of great advise and take home letters to explain what you are doing in therapy to the parents.

by Jaime,  Southern NJ
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
This product is just so-so. It is definitely geared toward very young children. I find that there is very little motivation to carry over the strategies outside of the therapy room because it makes speech sound unnatural in a manner that is not socially acceptable. I have had more success with the fluency reinforcement method paired with slowed speech rate and/or the time-out method (aka pause-and-talk method). If you don't know about these methods I highly recommend you google them.

Excellent resource
by Lisa K.,  Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
#BK324 – Color Me Fluent®
Color Me Fluent has many useful tools and handouts to assist with fluency therapy. It provides a clear and easy way for describing techniques to both young children and older children. The parent information is also helpful.

BK324 -  Color Me Fluent® $159.95 
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