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Say & Glue® Phonological Awareness

Fun Sheets Book

by Alyson Price and Jane Senn - Grades PreK-5

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Say & Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets is a reproducible, 124-page book to help students work on several areas of phonological awareness: rhyming with nonsense words, rhyming sentences, completing rhyming words in sentences, determining which rhyming word belongs, blending words, segmentation, syllable counting, identification of letter sounds, syllable/phoneme deletion, syllable/phoneme addition, and manipulation of phonemes. Each section contains a minimum of seven activities. Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets also features a criterion test that lets you pre- and post-test students. Your students will say, "Yahoo!" after using this Say & Glue!

BK330 -  Say & Glue® Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets $19.95 
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