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Category Cut-ups™


by Jennifer Larson - Grades PreK-3

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Great Resource!
by Tawni M.,  Seattle, WA
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
Easy to grab and use in therapy or to hand out as homework to my clients. Lots of options to incorporate them into therapy:)

One of my top 3 most used books.
by Alissa T,  San Francisco Bay Area
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
I love this book. This is one of my go to books after presenting a language lesson. My students love the worksheets and cutting and gluing. I use this with my K-3rd graders.

Not my favorite
by T.N.,  Erie, PA
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
The activities are nice but the pictures are not very realistic. This makes it difficult for my lower level students to recognize the objects.

Great new title
by Dawn,  Baltimore
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
I have many students working on categories at a variety of levels and I can't wait to use it.

many uses!
by Kathleen P.,  Memphis, TN
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
I love these! Great pictures with endless uses. Student can work on a variety of language skills with these pictures, not just categories.

Great Activity!
by Dana J,  Louisiana
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
Great Activities! Fun for kids to sort and explore catgeories!

Category Cutups
by Leda M,  New York, NY
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
My therapists love the worksheets that are in this book. They are very easy to explain and send home for carry-over practice.

Quick Easy & Fun!
by Cindy S.,  Grand Haven, MI
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
This a super duper resource for a busy SLP. It is quick; just copy and go! It is easy; nothing complicated about it. It is fun; kids love it because they can DO something instead of just talking or writing.

Category Cut-ups
by Amber,  Columbia, SC
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this book, but it is full of great pictures that my students can cut-out and sort during therapy. Categories include: food, animals, transportation, clothing, around the home, school, occupations and seasons. It comes with a CD so you can print the worksheets easily.

Fun for many ages
by Kynda P.,  Fairfield, IL
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
There are various levels of difficulty and activities in this book/CD. We can focus on one topic (ex. fruits/vegetables) in therapy and then still have materials to send home for continued work with the child's family.

Great simple category worksheets
by Teacher (Other),  Napa, CA
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
The Category cut-ups has been a great activity to do with my special day class students. Their are different levels of activities and this has been a great resource to use a s homework to reinforce vocabulary being learned in class. The pictures are fun and the students enjoy having an end product to take home to show to thier parents.

Fun & Easy
by SLP - Other,  Houston, Tx
#BK335 – Category Cut-ups™
I got this as a gift about 2 years back, and still use it everyday. The pics are easy to make out, the categories are age appropriate, and makes it easy for the kids who like to color.

BK335 -  Category Cut-ups™ $26.95 
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