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Synonyms Galore!

Activities for Learning Similar Meanings of Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs Book

by Helen Zeitzoff - Grades 3-8

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Great Resource
by Rachel O.,  DeLand, Fl
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
I love this synonym workbook! The worksheets are challenging but not too difficult that my students want to give up. I only wish they had one for antonyms as well.

great product
by Debbie M.,  West Columbia, TX
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
Our LD kids have a hard time getting the concept of synonyms. They want to give the opposite. This book and the worksheets help the kids to understand better.

Synonyms Galore
by Jessica F.,  Dallas, TX
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
I use this book often and really like all of the activities included for each set of words. My students color the word cards introduced in each lesson, which I then turn into a laminated mini-book or flashcards that they can use with each activity. Thank you Super Duper!

Synonyms galore
by Lindy nelson,  Baltimore, MD
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
This is a very helpful workbook to target synonyms and word connections. The presentation of the information is appealing to students and not overwhelming to them. My students have given it a thumbs up which means a lot to me. Thank you for a great product!

Synonyms Galroe
by Amanda G.,  Fort Lauderdale, FL
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
Synonyms Galore workbook is a great resource I love to use with my speech and language kids! I love how it has a review of the words which can be used to target language goals such as sentence structure. The actual worksheets are great since they have visual hints to help the student with determining which synonym would best answer the question! My kids love these worksheets and it sure gets them talking!

Excellent book
by Michelle I.,  Belleville, IL
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
This book teaches synonyms in a very organized fashion. I loved all the different types of ways that the student gets to practice the new words. It gives the child a variety of context in which they might see the new words.

Synonyms Galore!
by Samantha S,  St Paul, MN
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
Great pictures as visuals and progression from nouns to adjectives to verbs to help ingrain synonyms.

Synonyms Galore
by Katina S.,  Covington, GA
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
I recently purchased Synonyms Galore and I absolutely love it. It not only allows me to expose my students to synonyms they need to know on their grade level, but it also allows me to expand my students vocabulary above their grade level. It is very engaging and the students love it too!!

Synonyms Galore
by Natalie,  Williamsburg, VA
#BK346 – Synonyms Galore!
I love this product! It is great to have a picture that goes with each group of synonyms. Thank you for making my job easier!

BK346 -  Synonyms Galore! $29.95 
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