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Say & Glue® Phonological Awareness for Spanish Speakers

Book and Printable CD-ROM

by Brenda G. Rodriguez, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades K-3

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Phonological Awareness for Spanish Speakers targets phonology skills with Spanish-speaking children, which in turn, influences their success in reading. Divide into eight units, students practice phonological skills while playing games, creating mini books, and completing workbook activities. Teachers monitor student progress through pre- and postscreeners in these areas:
  • Syllable Identification
  • Syllable Substitution
  • Syllable Blending
  • Syllable Segmentation
  • Syllable Deletion
Includes a convenient CD-ROM for printing the game boards, all activity pages, and foldable mini books, and assessments. Your kids will go "phono loco!" 83 pages.

BK360 -  Say &Glue® Phonological Awareness for Spanish Speakers $29.95 
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