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Simply Social 7™ at School


by Angie Neal, M.S., CCC-SLP and Rynette R. Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades 2–12

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Great Start
by Carolyn C.,  Justin, Texas
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
Simply Social arrived last week. My Au students , 5th, -8th, reviewed the titles together and highlighted the topics that they felt they needed assistance on. We will begin utilizing these 6 weeks. The students look forward to reviewing their needs.

simply amazing!
by Esther A.,  Brooklyn, NY
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
This book is an excellent tool to utilize when teaching children social skills.

Very helpful!
by Heather M,  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I really like this book. I find it difficult to really zero in on what will help my kids with higher functioning autism. This definitely helps me target those skills.

Simply Socia
by Amy A,  FLorida
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
Although I like the concept of this book, it is not very realistic with my population. I think it would be very difficult to teacher 7 new "steps" for a child to follow in so many different social situations. I think it is a good resource if you have one or two specific skills to target but definitely not intended to teach multiple targets. That would be way too many steps for anyone to learn let alone a language impaired child. I also thought the pictures were too busy and difficult to figure out.

A must have!
by Sharon B.,  Columbus, NE
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
This resource is fantastic! I have been using it nonstop since I received it. One particular topic, "Accepting No" has been a very valuable lesson for one of my students. He will repeat the steps to himself-simple to understand and effective to implement.

Wonderful Book
by Tori E,  Fairfield, Nebraska
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I have only been using this book for 3 weeks but I LOVE it. It has wonderful activities to do and it touches on all the topics that the students I work with need to improve on. So far I have been doing 2 lessons a week and they tie together nicely as you work through the book.

Simply Social 7 at school
by Niete K.,  Elmwood, Ne.
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I love this product...I enjoy teaching this to adolescence they really engaged on the activities. fun..thanks!

Pretty Good
by Alicia,  Phoenix, AZ
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I am a little neutral on this on. It has a lot of great lessons for social skills. I was expecting more worksheets that I could use for homework with students. If that's what you're looking for I wouldn't suggest getting this book. If you are looking for a way to teach a lot of different aspects of different social skills it is great!

Really Works
by Barbara R.,  Denver, CO.
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I use the Simply Social 7 at School for a 5th grade boys social skills group. The boys enjoy the various scenarios, and they fully participate in discussions that help with being successful in the school environment. I would definitely recommend this product.

A must have!
by Mindy R.,  Lakewood, N.J.
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
The clear instructions with the fun pictures make this an excellent tool for teaching or reviewing social skills with children and adolescents with autism or social learning disabilities.

A Treasure book of Social Skills
by Mindi C.,  Vancouver, BC
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
Simply Social 7 at School has taught my son the many unspoken social cues in a fun and simple way. The great visuals and simple lessons showed my six year old son what eye contact actually looks like and why it is important. This was only the first lesson. The book has helped my son with friendship skills and academic rules at school. I would recommend the book to any parent.

Simply Social 7TM at School
by Sirima Na Nakorn,  Bangkok, Thailand
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
The book has clear objectives which can easily be used in training.

Simply Social 7™ at School
by Tamara,  Western NY
#BK371 - Simply Social 7™ at School
I like that this book is appropraite for many levels. Even though I work in the middle school setting, many of my students lag behind socially. I can find lessons in this book that are appropriate for them.

BK371 -  Simply Social 7™ at School $34.95 
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