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Photo Classifying FLiPS®

by Sharon G. Webber; Becky L. Spivey, and Clint Johnson - Grades PreK & Up

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Love it!
by Cherri D.,  Grand Junction, CO
#BK380 - Photo Classifying FLiPS®
This is such a great tool! Very useful for labeling vocab and doing category work.

Photo Classifying Flips
by Lori F.,  Melfort, Saskatchewan
#BK380 - Photo Classifying FLiPS®
I love this product! I love the versatility of it, and the pictures are great. I have used it with children for classifying, for vocabulary, for sentence formation, for guessing games, and for description tasks with a variety of children. it has become one of my favorite therapy tools. Thank you Super Duper!

Highly recommended!
by Rachel S.,  Lakewood, NJ
#BK380 - Photo Classifying FLiPS®
I recently bought this product and I highly recommend it! The pictures are very clear and realistic. There is a huge variety of nouns pictured in this book, so it is great for labeling, classifying, comparing/contrasting...I love that you can cover some of the pictures to reduce the number of pictures you present at one time. The kids love flipping the pages so it's fun for them, and not just work.

twins love them
by kelly thompson,  edmond, ok
#BK380 - Photo Classifying FLiPS®
I have a boy and a girl almost 3 and they love having races to see who can guess the card. They are really quick to name what the image is and they really love the amount of images because they get to play the game longer!

All in a Group
by Maggie S.,  Lusby, MD.
#BK380 - Photo Classifying FLiPS®
I am very pleased how this flip chart works you can very clearly see the pictures and you can easily flip one down that does not belong. When you are taking data it is very important to be able to change things up so you get more data streaming from children. It is equally important to see if students can label the items in a group and supply a group label.I love this flip chart for those reasons.

BK380 -  Photo Classifying FLiPS® $44.95 
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