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“Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets

160 Activities for VC, CV, CVCV & CVC Words

by Shanda Gaunt, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 3 & Up

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by Jan S,  Edmonton, KY
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
My preschoolers are loving these fun sheets! They are simple and fun to use. I can't wait to work more of these into my lesson planning.

Tons of Fun
by Paige L.,  Little Rock, AR
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
I was getting into a rut with my apraxia activities, and this really helped make therapy more fun while still accomplishing goals.

Excellent, systematic approach
by Terri P,  Glenns Ferry, Idaho
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
Just received Apraxia Fun Sheets last week and started with first lesson on a 3 1/2 year old boy with CAS. The visuals worked well for him and he matched pictures and repeated the VC's. I'm so glad to have this structured program. Thanks!

Great for homework practice!
by Christie B.,  Greenwood, SC
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
I ordered these sheets for my preschoolers who are working on basic word structures. The sheets will be perfect for home practice activities!

Amazing Apraxia Product
by Lynda,  Greensboro, NC
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
Amazing selection of fun activities to target apraxia in children. I love the way the book is organized from easiest (VC) to hardest (CVC) sound combinations. This book is a must for every pediatric/school SLP.

Say & Do Apraxia
by Rachel O,  DeLand, Fl
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
I was extremely excited to get this new product in the mail. After browsing through the material in the book, I am super pumped to start utilizing it in therapy sessions -perfect activities for the required repetition with apraxia of speech.

Great variety of activities!
by Rose J.,  St. Louis Park, MN
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
I love this book! As we know with apraxia, repetition is key! This book has MANY different activities that target the same word list, making it fun and interactive for both the clinician and client! I will definitely be using this book a lot!

Awesome for Home programming
by Kelly H,  Anoka, MN
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
I've been looking for a resource like this for years. While this product is designed for Apraxia, it is also appropriate for younger children developing speech or students with developmental or cognitive disabilities. I finally have resources to send home for practicing CV, VC and CVCV syllable shapes.

Great for young apraxic children!
by Karen G.,  Rotonda West, FL
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
The carefully designed words are allowing my clients to experience success. Parents are commenting that their child was successful when reviewing the homework. Just wish it had simple phrases, as well.

A Best Buy
by Dolyn C.,  St. Paul, MN
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
A comprehensive workbook - all kinds of activities. The fun sheets are reproducible for therapy and homework. One of the best buys I've purchased from Super Duper.

"Say & Do" Apraxia Fun Sheets
by Lyn Schock,  Leola, SD
#BK382 - “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets
This will be my go-to book for ages 3 and up Apraxia - VC, CV, CVCV, & CVC words. Reproducible classroom and homework sheets. So much in one book. A lot of bang for your buck. One of my best purchases from Super Duper. Congratulations on this new offer authored by Shanda Gaunt, M.D., CCC-SLP. I'll spread the word on this one.

BK382 -  “Say & Do®” Apraxia Fun Sheets $21.95 
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