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Webber® Pre-Handwriting Quickies

Reproducible Fun Sheets

by Tara Calder, OTR/L - Grades PreK-3

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Pre-Handwriting Quickies is full of handy reproducible pre-writing activity fun sheets for the busy teacher or therapist. Each animal-themed lesson plan includes a gross motor animal walk (to prepare the body for seatwork), a fine motor animal hand shadow (to warm up the hands), and simple coloring, tracing, and drawing activities. The lessons progress from easy pre-handwriting strokes (vertical line, horizontal line) and shapes (circle) to more complex pre-handwriting strokes (diagonal lines) and shapes (square and triangle). These strokes and shapes provide the basis for proper letter formation.
Pre-Handwriting Quickies features:
  • Twenty-eight (28) black and white pre-handwriting pages.
  • 2 award certificates to reward the student’s completion of the activities.
  • Name, date, and signature lines so pages can be sent home for extra practice.
  • Perforated pages for easy copying and pocket folders for convenient storage.
Pre-Handwriting Quickies is the perfect combination for the “on-the-go” early interventionist or teacher!
BKAQ15 -  Webber® Pre-Handwriting Quickies $16.95 
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