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Webber® Pre-Handwriting Quickies

Reproducible Fun Sheets

by Tara Calder, OTR/L - Grades PreK-3

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Webber Pre-Writing Quickies
by Dionne Pells,  Centerville Ohio
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
Used it today with my 8 year old son while home schooling! He loved it! He looked through the whole book to see what animals we get to do next. Thank you!

by kj,  southern Colorado
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
I love the multi-sensory approach. My only concern is that the circles are taught clockwise. This is a supposed to be pre-handwriting book. Lower case letters- c, a, d, g, e, s- all are made COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

Wonderful Product
by Christa,  Bryan, TX
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
I love that this book comes with a CD that you can easily print from. It incorporates gross motor movements, animal themes & handwriting that makes it easy to interest a child.

Wonderful product for two youngest :)
by Missy P,  Stewartville, MN
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
This book and CD work perfect for my two youngest boys that have special needs and need to redo activities many times before they get the hang of it :)

Quickies is Perfect
by Kate S.,  Houston, TX
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
I bought this as a gift for the PPCD teacher I work with. She started using it immediately and reports that her 3-5 year olds LOVE it. Thanks for continuing to publish pratical, easy-to-use materials for a variety of school-based personnel.

Great Quick resource
by Candace S.,  Napa, CA
#BKAQ15 – Pre-Handwriting Quickies Book
This book is great. If you are looking for easy to use home school pre-handwriting links. The students love how there is an animal theme. The CD is great, and I like how they have larger coloring sheets and worksheets for students who need them. I just wish these pages were also in the printed book you receive. I like how the book focuses on pre-writing skills through motor skills as well.

BKAQ15 -  Webber® Pre-Handwriting Quickies $16.95 
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