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Artic Quickies® Reproducible Photo Fun Sheets!

For S, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, TH, K, G, F & Vocalic R
Workbook and Printable CD-ROM

Grades PreK & Up

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Newly combined into ONE convenient book, here are 390 pages of Artic Quickies Fun Sheets for S, R, L, S Blends, R Blends, L Blends, SH, CH, TH, K, G, F, and Vocalic R. You get 56 photo-words per sound (Vocalic R has 120 photo-words), at the word, phrase, and sentence level.

Each sound features:
  • 30 black and white articulation pages
    • F, G, K, L R, S, CH, SH, and TH sections: 8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final, and 6 carryover pages
    • L Blends, R Blends, and S Blends sections: 3 (initial position only) pages for each blend combination (BR, DR, FR, etc.), plus blends combo pages
    • Vocalic R section: 4 initial R, 4 ER, 4 OR, 4 AR, 4 AIR/EAR/IRE, 5 combo, and 5 carryover pages
  • One awards page
  • Name, date, and signature lines, so pages can be sent home for extra practice!
  • FREE CD-ROM for printing pages in COLOR or Black and White!
BKAQC13 -  Artic Quickies® Reproducible Photo Fun Sheets! $49.95 
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