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"Say & Do®" Artic Reps

Photo-based Articulation Activities Book

by Bonnie O'Bryan - Grades K – 5 Ages 5 and Up

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Great practice!
by Rachel J,  NY
#BKCD273 – "Say & Do" Artic Reps Book
This articulation reps book is great practice to help students learn the correct target phonemes. Easily organized and engaging pictures.

Say & Do Artic Reps
by Linda R.,  Huntsville, AL
#BKCD273 – "Say & Do" Artic Reps Book
This is an excellent Speech therapy book for practicing the sounds. It is helping my child with autism and apraxia to speak. I would recommend it!

Just what I was looking for
by Alicia P.,  West Chester, PA
#BKCD273 – "Say & Do" Artic Reps Book
I wanted access to some worksheets to send home with my students for at-home practice and this was perfect. The CD-ROM allowed me to easily print off as many as I needed.

Great Resource
by Cassandra E.,  Devine, TX
#BKCD273 – "Say & Do" Artic Reps Book
I use the book weekly in my therapy activities. It's a great resource!

A nice addition to my HW ideas
by Deb K,  Bellport, NY
#BKCD273 – "Say & Do" Artic Reps Book
I do like that this comes with a CD - no waiting on line for a copier that may not even be working that day- but it has nothing for the "th"!!!!! Great for the other target sounds.

BKCD273 -  Say & Do Artic Reps Book $24.95 
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