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Webber® "R" Funny Flips™ Book and Interactive CD-ROM Combo

For "R" and "R" Blends

by Lorraine Palmer and Karen Hoffman
Game Design by Mark Strait, M.Ed., CCC-SLP and Bill Golliher - Grades K-5

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Are your kids ready for some of the silliest combinations of goofy characters they have ever seen—while practicing their articulation and reading skills?
The “R” Funny Flips book combines three-part characters with over 45,000 sentence combination match-up phrases. Flip one section and you change the character, phrase, and sentence.
The Interactive "R" Funny Flips CD-ROM allows students to make over 50,000 silly sentence combinations containing words with "R" in the initial, medial, and final positions (plus blends). With two motivating games, Flip Book and Flip-O-Matic, students will never run out of words, phrases and sentences for practice or awesome carryover fun.
Flip Book - Students click to flip pages back and forth to create a variety of silly sentences and pictures.
Flip-O-Matic - Students click on the "Spin" button to create silly sentences and pictures automatically and can earn tokens for correct sound production.
Record correct and incorrect productions by clicking on the "R" sounds in the phrases. The program collects and tracks data for an unlimited number of students. View and print reports in seconds.
"R" Funny Flips Interactive CD-ROM is compatible with SMART Board.
BKCD940 -  Webber® "R" Funny Flips™ Book/CD Combo $29.95 
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