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Social Skills Chipper Chat®

Magnetic Chip Game for Practicing Social Skills
with Activity Book

by Rose Sheedy and Nancy Crist - Grades PreK-6

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Social Skills Chipper Chat is a fun, motivating, magnetic chip game designed to help students discuss and understand appropriate ways of dealing with numerous social situations. The game has 12 different sets of social "theme" boards. To encourage group or individual discussions, the boards present 144 everyday scenes (12 per theme), related social stories, and relevant follow up questions.
12 Theme Boards
  • Polly Parrot Politeness
  • Race for Responsibility
  • Peer Relation-SHIPS
  • Camp Compliance
  • Assertion Asteroids
  • Staying Focused
  • Operation Cooperation
  • Building Body Language
  • Problem Solving Solution
  • Self-Management Soccer
  • Ice Cream Social Rituals
  • Negotiation Nations
Each of the topics has five illustrated Chipper Chat boards, so groups of 2-5 students can play. Every game board has 12 social scene cards that relate to the main theme of the board. Two levels of stories accompany each scene. Level A is a short, simple story that contains the basic facts describing the action in the scene. Rely on this level for young children. Level B is a longer story with additional facts. Use this story with more advanced students that have greater attention spans and the ability to grasp main ideas and inferences.
Four questions/discussion statements follow the stories.
  • Why Question - asks why a person acted a certain way in the story.
  • Related Question - asks a relevant question about the story.
  • Reasoning/Predicting Question - asks what might have happened, how the characters felt, or what the student thinks about the situation.
  • Personal Discussion - the player talks about what he/she has done or would do in similar circumstances.
There are over 576 question/discussion opportunities!
Each time a player answers a question, he/she rolls the die and earns chips to place on the game board. When the board is full, the player uses the "magic" wand to pick up the "flying"chips.
Social Skills Chipper Chat
  • 12 boards (60 playing surfaces total, 8 ½" x 11")
  • 144 social scenes (9 ¾" x 6")
  • Instructional activity book
  • Magnetic wand and chips
  • Sturdy storage box
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