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Bubble Pop® Game Sheets

Language & 16 Articulation Sounds plus Blends
Digital Edition

by Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy - Grades PreK-5

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This is a DIGITAL EDITION book. You will receive an email within 48 hours of purchase with complete download instructions.
Ready? Pretend you are blowing a bubble… Say your target word… Look out now… POP! Bubble Pop reproducible game sheets will spark enthusiasm in your class while your children improve their articulation and language skills. As an articulation tool, Bubble Pop presents four games for each sound (S, R, L, CH, SH, TH, T, D, P, B, F, V, K, G, Z, J) in all positions, plus four games each for S/R/L Blends in the initial position. For language, the games offer wonderful opportunities for improving vocabulary, listening, following directions, and motor skills. Add excitement to each game by rolling a die!
CDLBK297 -  Bubble Pop® Game Sheets
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