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Fold and Say® Word Families Mini-Books

Digital Edition

by Audrey Prince and Molly DeShong - Grades PreK and Up

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This is a DIGITAL EDITION book. You will receive an email within 48 hours of purchase with complete download instructions.
Children love learning about word families using these fun and easy mini-books. Fold and Say reproducible mini-books also help children practice reading, spelling, tracing, and writing skills.
Word Families has 75 mini-books to help children learn about common word families:
  • -ab, -ack, -ad, -ag, -ail, -ain, -ake, -all, -am, -ame, -amp, -an, -and, -ank, -ap, -ar, -ark, -ash, -at, -ate, -ave, -aw, -ay
  • -ed, -eep, -eet, -ell, -en, -end, -ent, -est, -et, -ew
  • -ice, -ick, -id, -ide, -ig, -ill, -ime, -in, -ine, -ing, -ink, ip, -it, -ive
  • -oat, -ob, -ock, -od, -og, -oil, -old, -ole, -one, -ool, -op, -ore, -ose, -ot, -ound, -out, -ow, -own
  • -ub, -uck, -ug, -um, -ump, -un, -unk, -ush, -ut, -ute
CDLBK332 -  Fold and Say Word Families Mini-Books Digital Edition
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